Great underwater action and fun on board the Fiji Siren Liveaboard

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Great underwater action and fun on board the Fiji Siren Liveaboard

With the biggest welcome the Fiji Siren liveaboard could muster, we gave a BIG BULA to Gabe and his whole team from Ocean Safari in Las Angeles, USA. Even though they are all from Ocean Safari everyone was from far afield. We had Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Canadian, Korean, and a few from the States itself. A very good mix that seemed to work really well with most people knowing each other before hand

Picture 1As soon as we were all on board we set off on what was to be the longest journey of the trip, heading down to Gau Island for the famous Shark Alley. About half way down while conferring with the Captain, we decided to make things more comfortable and head for Wakaya to do our first days diving. To kick things off, we decided on a spot where the whole team could go, which meant Wakaya Wall. We split in two and let the first 8 get in then followed quickly after with the second team. Once everyone’s weighting was sorted out we started on our dive around the wall where we spotted a big sea turtle some tuna in the distance and plenty of fusiliers. As we had a gentle current this meant that the soft corals on the wall were out in bloom making for a spectacular first dive!

Picture 2We got into Vatu Vai and Lion’s den for the follow pup dives having a few reef sharks, leaf Fish and many other things to keep everyone’s interest up. Our next stop was to be Gau Island and Nigali Passage. To finish the day we hit up Jim’s Alley for the night dive and the moved on to Makogai for our following day’s diving. The conditions underwater were fantastic with a bit of current flowing to open up some soft corals and beautifully clear visibility it was all a diver could ask for. Swimming around the pinnacles of Half Pipe and Dominoes we all had great dives checking out the small things that were on offer. After lunch, Gabe and few of the “commando’s” went close to shore and did a little free diving. The five of us were seeing who could find the shell on the bottom as well as having Gabe taking photos of us all. We all managed a nice set of dives to about 30-40ft in the calm waters. The afternoon had us all back out into the dive boat but this time for a different reason. We had organized a small visit to Makogai Village where the school was waiting to greet us and show us their village and their traditional dance Meke.

Picture 3Namena was the next island on the agenda and we had our sites set to get some of that amazing coral and hopefully some big life thrown in. We had some of the best dives ever at Chimneys and Black Forest only to have everyone blown away with Grand Central Station. After a day like that it was no wonder everyone was anticipating what was to come the next day. There were some great dives in the morning then we jumped back to Grand Central Station to have another go at the archway and the deep drop off with all the surrounding life out for the full moon and strong current. To finish of a great day we were surprised with the Great Fijian Rubber-band coming out to play a few numbers and the Kava Bowl being out once again with Ratu Andy taking control.

Picture 4For the last of day of diving we decided to have 2 dives on the site of E-6 to check out the whole pinnacle and its wonders. With the finishing of the diving came the start of the partying. Stepping back onto the boat after the second dive of the day to see all the luggage had been brought back from the hold was a realization the trip had finally come to an end. It was a sad time waving these guys and girls away as we had some very good times from playing poker to being taught new card games and of course all the diving we had done together.

Thank you to Gabe who made this all possible. Vinaka Vake Levu Ocean Safari Team

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