Great wreck diving in Truk Lagoon!

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Great wreck diving in Truk Lagoon!

The Truk Siren was happy to welcome on board her new guests, all very excited to dive the most exciting WWII wrecks in the world!
First on the schedule was the Kiyosumi Maru, this 6 hold diesel passenger cargo vessel was in the repair anchorage on the day of the attacks and didn’t stand a chance as it was torpedoed in its starboard bow tearing a catatrosphic hole in her hull which flooded both hold one and two. The destruction is terrifying and we swam in easily through the gaping torpedo hole big enough to drive a bus through. The Kiyosumi has been nick named the bicycle wreck, in one of the aft holds the frame and what is left of the wheels of a bicycle are wedged neatly against the bulkhead. Dropping down from here we squeezed through a small opening that then opens up into another one of her cavernous holds.

TRUK 2009 UW - FUJIKAWA MARU - 048Next, we dove on one of our favourite wreck: the Fujikawa Maru. Here, we made our first decent into the intact machine shop and engine room, really exciting stuff.

The Kensho Maru sits in 36 M of water with her mast standing at 15M making her ideal for a multilevel recreational dive. We had three incredible dives on the wreck exploring her canteen with table legs still standing up and incredible galley where the chefs folded uniform sits on a shelf above the stove. At a glance, hold three of the Kensho looks to hold nothing but 70 years build-up of silt. Upon closer inspection however sitting against the bulk head a small patch of material can be seen. With great care a diver can turn up a corner to reveal a large pile of sailor’s uniforms. Folded, pressed and remarkably preserved pieces of history lie scattered all over the wrecks at Truk lagoon an underwater museum reserved only for those who can dive.

TRUK 2012 YAMAGIRI MARU 061The Shinkoku Maru was a large oil tanker, used famously to supply the attack force that made the assault on Pearl harbour, entering Japan into the war. Today she lies upright on the sea bed with just 18meters to her stern deck. The Shinkoku Is an absolute jewel in the Truk Lagoon wreck diving crown. The abundance of soft corals upon her decks is a sight to behold. Marine life flocks to this oasis of life and colour with schools of Jacks, blue fin trevally and snapper circling her bow and masts. The upper engine room on the Shinkoku is easily accessible to all levels of divers its cavernous void stretching between three whole deck levels. For those with a little more training and resolve a venture into the Shinkoku’s long hallways and open plan canteen is possible. The surgery is still open with medicine bottles and some human remains stacked on the doctors reclining operating table.

Once again, we had to say good bye to our guests who came back home with an amazing souvenir of getting to see these wrecks in their prime.

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