Have you ever dove with 12 mantas?

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Have you ever dove with 12 mantas?

The Fiji Siren and her crew are once again diving beyond the Bligh! This time with 16 Chinese guests.
To begin we sailed straight through to Makogai for our first dives of the trip. Our first dive was out to Half Pipe and Dominoes. These two dives were filled with many small colourful fish and even a couple of reef sharks. This was the first of many to come. Later for the night dive we decided to try out a new site, we have named this one P & O. It was a good one as they came up saying they seen turtles, great reef, and even a frog fish.

MantaWakaya-reEarly the next morning, we left to Wakaya Passage, where our next days of diving would take place. Upon entering the water we knew it would be a good day. We had a couple of mantas around Vatu Vai and lots of leaf fish, tuna and small fish on Lion’s Den. We were even lucky enough to have a few grey reef sharks visit the passage that morning. At Blue Ridge, we had leaf fish, some trevally and a couple of sharks drop in on us. This made for a really good days diving in Wakaya!

reef-sharksThe first dive in Gau was a split dive with half of the group going to Jim’s Alley and the other half going to Anthias Ave. when coming back to the boat all were excited from an extremely clear dive and lots of life including sea snakes and lots of colorful soft corals only to be instantly have our smiles get removed by the other group who came up after seeing not one but 12 Mantas!!!! This was going to be a hard act to follow for the Nigali Passage. We did the first dive in reverse with us starting in the lagoon and travelling through to the open ocean. We had about 15 sharks and schools of barracuda so it was a very good dive. At the end of the dive, 4 divers were treated to 11 Napoleon Wrasse playing around in the shallows of the outside wall. There were 3 big males and the rest were all smaller females and they put on a fantastic show of chasing one another around. For dive number two on the passage we did things with the tide coming in and we put some feed in the water to get the fish life a little closer. With some spectacular visibility and the water warming up to 27 degrees we had one of the best dives of the trip. There were about 35 grey reef sharks, about 5 white tips, Moray eels, a turtle and of course who could forget the school of surgeon fish, barracuda, and trevally. Not a bad way to finish off the day at all!

IMG 4237Departing mid-afternoon for Taveuni allowed for some bonding time which was highly entertaining with all trying to understand one another. Taveuni brought us to dive some stunning site such as the Rainbow Reef and Fish Factory. The afternoon was brought to a slow finish as everybody went onto the land for a look at the International Dateline and a water slide. Our final day in Taveuni took us to the Great White Wall which never disappoints with its large wall of white soft coral that almost glows as you swim past. Namena was next on our list of places to visit this cruise and we spent a few days diving this area with trips out to South Save-A-Tack wall, School House with its hammerheads in the distance, and Black Forrest with the juvenile warty frog fish. We did multiple dives in the north of Namena to Grand Central Station. We saw humungous tuna, big schools of barracuda and many sharks, both grey and white tip reef sharks.

Anemone-Fish--PalauAfter days in the marine reserve it was time for our last day of diving for the trip. For that we headed to Vatu-I-Ra and E-6. This dive had us looking at amazing rock structure, big swim through and some absolutely amazing marine life. We had some ornate ghost pipe fish and winged pipefish along with a couple of white tips and skip jack tuna swimming past. Our last dive of the journey had us at Mount Mutiny where we saw some cool things including a silver tip flying past everyone a small white tip and incredible soft coral of every colour. There was a massive amount of appreciation given out to Marco (Group Leader) who was not only the go to guy for the group but also our translator. Without him with us it would have made thing very difficult to give briefings and chat to everyone. So thank you Marco it was great having you with us. I look forward to the next group you bring back to Fiji! Vinaka

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