Incredible Fiji liveaboard cruise! Mantas, sharks and hammerhead Galore!!!

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Incredible Fiji liveaboard cruise! Mantas, sharks and hammerhead Galore!!!

The crew of the Fiji Siren Liveaboard stood on the dive deck singing the welcome song of the Fijian people to welcome our new guests eager to for the trip to begin.
First stop, Makogai where we did 4 dives at various sites, each having their own unique life from leaf fish to electric file clams and each having many many anthias swimming around the top. We even spotted a juvenile rock-mover wrasse at Dominoes.

mantaOur next stop on the trip was to be Wakaya where we would be out looking for some manta rays and hammerheads. Without even trying, we had mantas galore and hammerheads on almost every dive. The first team dived in at Vatu Vai and instantly had 5 Mantas floating around and showing off with later in the dive having a hammerhead come all the way up to 10m! The other team dropped into Lion’s Den where we were only lucky enough to see 4 mantas throughout the dive. This was to set the precedent for all of the later dives. Todd and Tonia seem to have the hammerheads follow them where ever they went and came up after every dive stating they had seen another or four of them. With our last dive at Wakaya Wall we did indeed have four hammerheads and even a black manta swim on passed. It was difficult to leave Wakaya behind after a day like that.

Hammer headAs the Nigali Passage was to be coming up in Gau the next day, we were all excited to see how all the sharks have been as we had not been down this far in a few weeks. We started by dropping into the deep of the outside reef and making our way to the passage. There was some very nice structure and a few grey reef sharks. Near the end of the dive someone spotted a white spotted eagle ray passing by. Next up, we had the spectacular site of the Nigali Passage. As we drifted along the passage we spotted a couple of different types of barracuda and around 15-20 grey sharks. Being it is the time of year where everything is breeding there was a trail of 9 juvenile grey sharks following each other around eyeing the divers warily.

White WallSoon after this dive we picked anchor and moved onward to Taveuni. We spent two days around the Somosomo straight diving the Rainbow Reef with its beautiful corals and fish life. Quite late on the first day we got to dive the Great White Wall and see the reason why it is called the GREAT white wall. We finished up at Taveuni with one last dive to Purple Wall which was an adventure to say the least.

Finally arriving at Namena in the early hours we set up to dive at Grand Central in North Save-A-Tack. We had a few sharks and plenty of barracuda to keep all entertained before moving over to the south to see out the days diving. For the second day, we spent most of the time out in the north side diving again the Arch-Kansas area to see sharks and tuna and few other fish and also to School House trying to catch a glimpse of a stray hammerhead. We had no luck on the hammerheads but we did have a nice school of bannerfish and surgeon fish mixed with some barracuda, and who could forget the palette surgeon fish at the back of the reef. We had one last night dive for the trip and that wax to Nemo’s with all coming back very happy and ready for dinner.

Captn Vs OliThe drive back to Vatu-I-Ra could not have more different than our first sight of it as we had glass like water throughout out the morning with the dive at E-6 being absolutely magnificent with the sun pouring through the cathedral giving even the spectacular view from which it received its name. Soon after, we hit the very last dive of the cruise at Mount Mutiny then the long sail back home.

Finally, one big Vinaka Vake Levu to Damian, Sally & their team from Robin Hood Watersports, not to forget everyone else, a big one to you all too. Until next time Vinaka Vake Levu

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