Incredible underwater action this week in Palau with the Palau Siren Liveaboard

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Incredible underwater action this week in Palau with the Palau Siren Liveaboard

The Palau Siren Luxury Liveaboard welcomed on board divers from the United States, Netherlands and Canada. We embarked everyone in the afternoon and after the boat briefing, we helped everyone to set up their dive gear for the next day. Later on, we did our usual muster station drill and introduced all the Palau Siren crew to our guests.

gray shark BlueCr The next day, we left our mooring in Malakal early in the morning and headed towards Ulong Island where we would spend the rest of the day. Our first dive was Sand Bar with its stunning corals, resident schools of big eye jacks, barracudas, leaf scorpion fish and soldier fish. On this first dive we had the chance to spot our first grey reef sharks and loads of bumphead parrot fish gathering in preparation for the new moon spawning. After heading back to the Palau Siren and having another great meal prepared by our head chef Alibe, we got ready to dive of the signature dive of Palau: Ulong Channel. It was our first opportunity to hook on a dive on this trip and observe the grey reef sharks patrolling the mouth of the channel. After enjoying the show for a while, we unhooked and drifted with a mild current along this stunning channel. Our last dive would be a night dive in Sand Bar where we could once again spot our resident black and white, purple and yellow leaf scorpion fishes for great enjoyment of all the photographers.

Fish School PalauOn our second diving day we headed towards Ngemelis Island where after boarding the skiffs we dived New Drop Off on its South side. Even with a mild current we were surrounded by big schools of black snappers, yellow tail barracudas, pyramid butterfly fish and juvenile grey reef sharks. Once back on the boat, we immediately headed East towards Denges Pass and then Southwest towards the southern tip of Peleliu Island. After a smooth three hour crossing we dived The Cut in Peleliu and then headed back North towards Blue Corner. These two dives never disappoint due to the amount of grey reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, big schools of chevron barracudas and giant trevallies. After mooring outside German Channel we finished the day with a night dive in Big Drop Off.

We started the following day with another great dive in Blue Corner followed by Turtle Cove. German Channel would be our choice for the third dive. With a nice incoming current, we were able to spot manta rays and grey reef sharks being cleaned at the cleaning station plus literally thousands of other fish feeding on the incoming plankton. We finished the day with a night dive in Barnum’s Wall.

manta2 germanchannelOn the fourth day, it was time to leave the mooring outside German Channel but not before doing a dive in Blue Holes. This dive has to be ideally done with high tide in order to drop down from one of the four holes on the reef top and then enter this massive chamber with the light flowing both from above and the main entrance. Towards the end of the dive, we had the added bonus of drifting towards Blue Corner and witness some shark action. Once back on the boat, our host Roshan was waiting for our divers with a cold drink and then while having breakfast we made our way towards Peleliu Island. After diving Orange Beach and its extremely healthy corals and big population of both hawksbill and green sea turtles we disembarked on Peleliu for lunch. From then on some of our divers were picked up by one of our local tour guides and be shown around the remains of the bloodiest World War II battle in the Pacific between the Japanese and US forces. The others on the other hand went for another dive on Peleliu Wall. In the meantime, the Palau Siren was making its way back towards the inside of the lagoon where we would all eventually meet again. Once all back on the boat and upon request from our guests we went for one last dive in German Channel where we were lucky to witness a manta ray festival spotting them both in the cleaning station and swimming all around.

Early in the morning the next day, we moved back to Ulong Island diving Siaes Tunnel, Siaes Corner and once again Ulong Channel but on this occasion with a proper running incoming current making it “their best dive ever” for most our divers. On these dives we spotted eagle rays, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, bumphead parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse.

JFL webOur last day started with another of Palau’s highlights, snorkeling at Jellyfish Lake. To reach it a short hike through the jungle is required and once in the water you are literally surrounded by millions of jellyfish giving great photo opportunities for everyone while at the same time surrounded by an incredible jungle setting. This amazing experience was then followed by a skiff ride through the Rock Islands with its tight passages, caves and natural arches. After the snorkeling it was time to get geared again for a dive in Chandelier Cave with its crystal clear water and four underground chambers where depending on the tide the stalactites seem to be floating in mid water while at the same time creating a mirror effect, we were also lucky to see mandarin fish outside the cave. We completed this great day of different activities diving the Japanese World War II Iro Maru wreck. The Iro Maru lies upright and the whole of it is within recreational diving depths allowing the divers to explore both its bow and stern guns while feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size of its king posts.

palua sirenOnce back on the boat the crew took care of washing all our guests dive gear and it was time to enjoy a cold beer and enjoy recalling dive memories from the trip. Once again our chef prepared a delicious farewell barbeque dinner. Unfortunately some guests would leave us that same night while the rest would leave the next morning. Big thanks to Huron Scuba from the US and the rest of the divers for joining us on yet another awesome cruise on Palau Siren. We hope to see you all again on board soon!!!

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