Indo Siren is a Manta Magnet

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Indo Siren is a Manta Magnet

sunandmantaOur liveaboard trip got off to a great start as it appeared we had a “Manta Magnet” on the boat ; with mantas showing up for all three dives on Gili Banta!!! Amazing!!! We had two birthdays to celebrate on this trip and Peter managed to celebrate his with even more manta encounters at Coral Garden before we headed to the very beautiful Gili Lawa Laut for fishy action on Castle and Crystal Rocks.Currents were playing nicely so Shot Gun was a gentle pistol but still a very beautiful start to the morning …. Then more spectacular manta action at Makassar Reef with 14 mantas dancing and swooping for around 55 mins!!!! …. AMAZING!!!! It was then time to hunt out some critters at Pantai Merah and we had a superb dive with octopus, including a blue ring, cuttlefish, big eye squid, giant frogfish, alien sticks and so much more….. every time we dive here we see something different; it is ever changing!!! Pia’s birthday was spent with the Dragons on Komodo Island, then we headed down to Padar to encounter ornate ghost pipefish at secret garden, finding 4 on one black coral!!!

giant-frogfishThe next day we spent the full day exploring Nusa Kod, diving the ever popular Cannibal Rock for the frogfish in the morning and for the sunset dive, plus Crinoid Wall and Yellow Wall for the lady bugs, nudis, turtles, octopus, zebra crab. After all this macro we decided it was time for some bigger sea life with a dive at Tiga Dara. We were visited by mobula rays at the end of the dive and found 2 giant frog fish on the second pinnacle. Padar Bay was next on the agenda with more giant frogfish, crocodile fish, cuttlefish, mushroom coral pipe fish, leaf scorpion fish….. do I need to continue?? At Tengah Kecil the currents were starting to pick up so we took shelter on the stunning wall and finished up the day with a sunset dive at Wainilu with the mandarin fish and picturesque dragonets mating.“More mantas, more mantas” was the chant of these Siren divers, so by popular demand we returned to Makassar Reef. In true Current City fashion the currents were not behaving but the mantas were still around – not in the numbers we had the previous time but they were certainly there. Some divers seeing an “alleged” 20 at one time but without the necessary proof , we opted to stay put and try one more time after breakfast. After an hour into the dive the mantas reappeared, it was a long wait but well worth it as they came close, within a metre of the divers.

yellowsnapperIt was then time for some superman flying on Tatawa Besar, where the currents had really picked up but the reef was so beautiful and fishy it was still great! Our 5 hardcore divers Stefan, Juergen, Karin, Tanja and Beate headed off for a sunset/night dive on GLD Bay whilst the rest relaxed with a Bintang or two. The last full day of diving saw us back at the beautiful Crystal Rock in the morning, timing the currents just right and avoid the other boats. A nice gentle dive and the first group got a distant glimpse of the eagle ray which has been missing for nearly two months now so we are really glad he is back! Sadly the currents were too much for us at Castle Rock, so bad even the sharks and trevally were off somewhere hiding, whilst we took our time making safe ascents. Not to be put off we headed for a little more adventure diving this time on Shotgun with more current than last time but not as manic as Castle Rock had been. We even got lucky and saw our last manta ray of the trip! Sails up and we are on our way to N. Komodo and Coral Garden for a final night dive.

ghostpipefise1Our final day was spent at the very beautiful and still green island of Sangeang…. Hot Rocks was bubbling and Techno Reef had a million nudis!!!! Then back in Bima Harbor we got the party started with some fantastic dance moves from Pia and Juergen!! Thanks guys! You have been a really fun group and we really hope to see you again soon! Lisa & Indo Siren Crew


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