It was going to be hard to top that but we were up for the challenge!

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The Indo Siren welcomed on board a brand new group of 16 guests all ready to experience a great liveaboard dive trip in Raja Ampat
We started our cruise in the Yellit area, close to Misool, for our check dive. With gentle sloping reefs and massive gorgonian sea fans, Yellit Kecil is an ideal place to begin our dive expedition. Already we had guests commenting “That’s the best coral life I’ve ever seen”! Well strap in buddy you haven’t seen anything yet! 

At Wayilbatan, we dived Kaleidoscope Ridge and Four Kings. Both dive sites offered unique topography and breathtaking marine life such as schools of trevallies, barracudas, silver sides and jacks!  A real fish soup! They were so many fish, it often made it difficult to see your buddy only meters away!

At  Wedding Cake, we had peacock mantis shrimp, Denise pygmy seahorse and blue dragon nudibranch, just to mention a few of the favorite creatures our divers were raving about as they left the water. Later, we did some relaxing drift diving at Gorgonian Passage and Nudi Rock where we could sit back, relax, and watch the reef passing by!

At Magic Mountain, we had oceanic mantas, black tip reef sharks, chevron barracudas, hawksbill turtles, wobbegong sharks, and oceanic trigger fish that all came here to be cleaned. We like it so much that we decided to repeat the dive and have some more oceanic manta close encounters. Back on the boat, everyone had a story about their “best manta dive ever”! It was going to be hard to top that but we were up for the challenge!
Batanta island gave us some great muck diving. Our eagle eye dive guides were able to find some amazing creatures in the sandy rubble. Rhinopious scorpion fish, ornate and robust ghost pipefish, devil scorpionfish, toad fish, spinney seahorses and too many unique nudibranch to count were just some of the highlights of the day!

Our morning started with a short trek up to a beautiful lookout overlooking the Penemu National Park and Bintang Lagoon. From there, we looked down on postcard perfect limestone islands and crystal blue water. After our morning exercise, we cooled off and dived the stunning coral landscape of Melissa’s Garden and Manta Sandy that treated us with three massive black oceanic manta patiently waiting their turn on the cleaning station.

Next on our diving schedule were Blue Magic and Cape Kri. These two dive sites in the Dampier Straight were the highlight of the trip! Hunting dog-tooth tuna, schooling big-eye trevally, whitetip reef sharks, and chevron barracuda were just a few of the predators out looking for an easy breakfast. In between dives, we were treated to breaching minkie whales and curious dolphins! What a day!

Our last day of diving started off with a wonderfully fishy Batu Lima. Schools of yellow tail fusilier, scaly damsel fish, and two spot snapper were there to greet us as we jumped in the water.  The only thing that could eclipse the color of the many fish species was the beautiful array of hard and soft coral.  Some guests were overheard to say “a perfect dive to end the trip”! 
Thank you for this great liveaboard dive trip in Raja Ampat! We hope to see you soon on board! 

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