It was manta galore this week in Raja Ampat!

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A new group of happy divers came on board the Indo Siren all ready for their liveaboard diving holidays in Raja Ampat.  Most of them were repeaters so it was nice to see them again on board!

On the first day we dove Daram and Yellit which gave us a very good start to the liveaboard cruise. Mild current, fantastic visibility, barracudas, mantas and crocodile fish.

crocodile fish

We started our second day of diving in Raja Ampat in a wonderful way with 6 oceanic mantas, sharks and plenty of fish at Magic Mountain!In the afternoon, we dove Boo Windows which was amazing under the late afternoon light and gave us a nice surprise with a giant frog fish!

giant frog fish

The next morning, the captain move the Indo Siren to Fiabacet where we had 3 outstanding dives in perfect conditions and even a big oceanic manta showed up!
We stayed 2 days in Wayil Batan which showed us as a bit more of the beauty of Raja Ampat. We had squids, octopus, crocodile fish, walking sharks and plenty of pigmy seahorse.

pygmy seahorses2

It was time for the Indo Siren to head north, so we stopped at Antichovey and at Wagmab where we had 2 mantas joining us for the dive!  Our guests were having a manta galore trip!

mastas in raja ampat

After a smooth crossing we reached Aerborek in the morning. With the rising sun, we dove Aerborek Jetty.  We saw the small things as well as the big ones like a school of 30 + bump head parrot fish. In Lalosi, we were lucky again with wobbegong sharks, a manta , sub sucking slugs and thousands of fusiliers. Next was Friwen Bonda with probably the highest encounter of nudibranches and flatworms. Also very cool was a sea fan with 14 bargibanti pygmy seahorses with one of them being very pregnant!

diver bumpheads raja ampat

For our last 2 days of diving, our guests still had sea critters to discover at Mioskon, Batu Lima, Sardine Reef and Cape Kri such as sharks, huge schools of jacks, wobbegong sharks and turtles, just to mention a few since it was a real fish soup!


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