Komodo Liveaboard Dive Safari

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Komodo Liveaboard Dive Safari
With S/Y Indo Siren

IMG 3956Team America, Germany, Finland and Singapore arrived right on time for our 8 day trip! But unfortunately the weather wasn’t so kind to us – we had a bit of a rocky ride on the way out to Sangeang and the conditions got worse after our first dive on Techno reef and so we headed straight over Gili Banta for a taste of Swiss Dream and then the Small World for some stargazers, bobtail squid, Indian walkman, cuttlefish, stonefish and much much more. Always my favourite night dive but surprisingly not for this group – with The Unusual Suspects winning!

IMG 4019The next morning we headed straight over to Gili Lawa Laut for a taste of castle, crystal and shotgun – the top three favourites of the trip! We had some newbee divers with us so they sat out the first crazy current dive but soon gained enough experience to enjoy these sites at the end of the trip! They are all now totally hooked on diving and we really hope we see you again on another liveaboard trip real soon!

IMG 3551It is currently mating season for the Komodo dragons so they are a little more scarce than usual but we did get a glimpse of two ofthem whilst walking through the park. Most of them, however, were hanging out at the ranger station. Photo Photo mister…. So a little late inleaving for Padar but we still managed to squeeze in 3 dives – and by specialrequest two times on the very beautiful Tiga Dara, where we spotted the giantfrog fish, devil scorpion fish, white tip sharks, zebra crab and much muchmore.

IMG 3032We headed back over to Komodo island to check outwhat the conditions were like for Manta Alley but unfortunately it was notlooking good! We hung out in Phinisi forour night dive so we could be close by to check things out again early the nextmorning! However the winds had picked upovernight so we started our day diving the phinisi and then headed up to MakassarReed for a little bit of a drift where some of us were graced with a manta ray,and others with a marble ray and even a dog tooth tuna. Tatawa Besar was beautiful as ever with lotsof schooling fish, turtles, cuttlefish and peacock mantis shrimp.

IMG 3806Noteveryone was up for the night dive, actually only 3 people, and the rest headedup Gili Lawa Darat mountain to watch the sunset and take in the stars! With afew bintangs on the way




 group-13-12For our last full day of diving we were back atCrystal, Castle and Shotgun reef then it was over to Coral Garden for our lastnight dive! On the way the sails went upand everyone had the opportunity to cruise around in the dinghy and take somephotos.

Our last day and we enjoyed a bit of a drift at Bignose with a school of bumphead parrot fish, a black tip reef shark, hawksbillturtle and some candy crabs… then a very chilled out dive at Coral Gardenbefore we started the long ride back to Bima.

I hope you all had a great trip and we really hopeto see you again soon! For teamSingapore I will be over to see you next week!


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