Komodo Season Finale

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Palau Siren’s Komodo Season Finale

FroggieFor our last trip this season here in Komodo we welcomed a group from “Schoener Tauchen” Germany. All of our guests arrived in time and after a light lunch, some briefings and the life jacket drill we visited our first dive spot “The Unusual Suspects” in Bima Bay. What an amazing check dive with sightings of 6 different frogfish in a range of colors and variations. We all awoke the next morning in Sangeang Island where we stayed for two dives on the black sand looking for more macro subjects. With crystal clear water and just a mild current these dive sites never disappoint and everybody came back with a smile on the face after seeing pygmy seahorses, leaf fish and a snake eel buried into the sand. Whilst we had lunch and siesta Captain Daeng sailed the luxury liveaboard “Palau Siren to Gilli Banta for the afternoon and night dive. The coral formations in K2 are stunning and nearly all our guests got also their first glimpse of the “Big Bird” when a manta ray cruised by. The night dive was more macro focused with stargazers, nudis and all manner of shrimps and crabs.

couple-mantasAfter just 2 days we were already in Komodo and kicked off with a gentle dive at “Coral Garden” before we moved east to Gilli Lawa Laut in the hope of some big fish action. No disappointment at “Castle Rock”. The medium current attracted a large amount of giant trevallies, white tip reef sharks and even a few big grey reef sharks. Before we went for the afternoon dive a few mantas were seen cruising on top of the shallow reef at Gilli Lawa Laut and some of our guests used their “siesta” to snorkel with these amazing creatures. More big fish on the afternoon dive at “Crystal Rock” before we made an enjoyable sunset dive at Gilli Lawa Laut reef. Alan started the Poseidon MK VI rebreather course , shortly after finishing some skills a manta showed up to checked out what we are doing; what a great end to the day.


mandarin-fish-reAfter a good night sleep, it was time for more current in the “Shotgun” and everybody came back with a big smile on their face since again after seeing a large manta cruising around our divers. Big breakfast was prepared by Chefs Andi and Defli and we ate heartily as the yacht cruised to Current City. We all had a fantastic relaxing drift dive along the sloping reef of “Makassar Reef”. Then instead of an afternoon dive we visited Rinca Island and got a great view of the Dragons, before we looked for the very small creatures like the mandarin fish on our sunset dive at “Dragon Besar”.


shrimp-coral-komodoCaptain Daeng drove us early next morning to Padar Island and Nusa Kode and all macro enthusiasts love this place. Even though the water was a little colder the colorful reef of “Cannibal Rock” and the dark sand of “Torpedo Alley” was definitely a favorite of most divers . One more dive the next morning in Rinca and then off we went back to Komodo. No luck this week with the big birds at “Manta Alley”, but it was still a great dive with white tip reef shark, turtle and a small leaf fish being spotted. Most of our guests relaxed during the afternoon and used the kayaks to explore the bay around “Phinisi”, just Susanna and Thilo joined Francesco on our “wreck dive”’. The last “cold” water dive for this cruise was the night dive at Pink Beach where Nic showed our guests some Pegasus seamoths and beautiful crabs and shrimps. The next day we headed back to “Current City” and arrived in time for slack tide and “Batu Bolong”. This was simply amazing. Francesco took our adventurous guests on his special sunset walk in Gilli Lawa Derat, where the view is stunning.


SirensBack to “Shotgun” was on the agenda the next morning and with a great current everybody was able to get up close & personal with a couple of mantas. For more big fish action, we dived “Castle and Crystal Rock” again before something special was happened. Since our sister ship the “Indo Siren” was moored next to us, we decided that each yacht would race to put up their sails and cruise side by side – what a fabulous photo opportunity to see the beautiful vessels next to each other in all their glory. Then after one more dive at Gilli Banta seeing even more mantas! we headed towards Sangeang Island to dive “Hot Rocks” where the contrast of the dark black sand and the colorful corals and anemones is spectacular. The last day of diving was in Bima Bay where the macro lovers had the chance to see more frogfish, nudis, mimic octopus.

And so ended the Komodo Season for the Palau Siren, she will sail now to Palau to welcome her first guest at the end of October. Its been a great season enjoying diving with mantas, pygmy seahorses, froggies, sharks and of course there has been plenty of rebreather diving.
Thank you to all who have joined us over the past three months in Komodo and we look forward to seeing you once again in Palau!

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