Drift Diving in Komodo

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Drift Diving in Komodo

nudi-Nembrotha2Sangeang an almost perfectly round island consists of an active complex volcano with two volcanic cones reaching 1949 meters and 1795 meters. This was to be our first stop on the next Indo Siren adventure. Because of its fresh rain water runoffs, black sand and slight currents it is a true delight to macro seekers. At Bonto Reef we found nudi after nudi, after nudi; all different species. Hot Rocks has bubbles coming from the sand and colorful coral bommies, whilst in deeper water on a gorgonian fan we spotted 5 bargibanti pygmy seahorses! Moving a little closer to Komodo National Park for our night dive at Circus we found stargazers, snake eels, lionfish hunting, a huge triton, spider crabs, nudis and numerous other critters. A great day of macro to start off this liveaboard trip in Komodo, but the big stuff was just around the corner…

Komodo-fish-groupAfter a gentle relaxing dive at Coral Garden, we got to dive Komodo for what its famous for; current, fish, fish and more fish. At Castle Rock it is a real spectacle to see the Giant and Bluefin trevallies hunting the thousands of fusiliers all over the reef. Many white tip and grey reef sharks circled right in front of our noses, gliding easily in the current. What an amazing dive!!!


Dolphin House6Mantas were giving us a great show at Karang Makassar, dancing above the heads of our divers whilst at Batu Bolong the sheer amount of colourful reef fish is a true delight. Wainilu, otherwise known as Dragaon Besar, at Rinca Island is probably the best sunset dive around with its mating mandarin fish, picturesque dragonets, frog fish and indian Walkman as well as longfin and a juvenile batfish.


white-frogfishAt sunrise we got face to face with the Komodo dragons in the national park during our guided walk, a wish for a life time for some. Then more diving and this time Tiga Dara will be going down in history as the rollercoaster of the trip. Just before the currents took us away of the dive site we saw a huge painted frogfish, leaf fish, porcelain crab and zebra crab, its hard to critter spot in such currents but of course our experienced dive team have keen eyes for these things! After this great adventure we decided to have a calm and relaxing dive at Torpedo Alley in Nusa Kode, full of critters and even an upside down jelly. To see even more Komodo dragons we visited the beach for more quality time with are beloved friends 😉 Then for our evening delight Supriono and Jenuar prepared the famous and extremely delicious chocolate volcano for Lavinia’s birthday.

komodo01Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with our plans and we had to keep Manta Alley as a mystery and reason to visit once again. Heading back northwards we returned to Current City to watch the trevallies, tunas and rainbow runners hunt in the blue. After another wonderful dive it was time for our guest Nic to have a taste of Indonesian tradition; being powdered with flower and eggs in honour of her 25th birthday!! Then for sunset half our group decided to trek up the hill of Gili Lawa Laut for a spectacular view of the bay and the northern parts of Komodo National Park, whilst the rest made their night dive in the shallow bay.

At the Lighthouse we caught just a whisper of the new moon currents, but Crystal Rock and the Golden Passage lived up to their reputation. Spanish dancers and octopus were spotted during the night dive at Flamenco Reef but all too soon our 10-night trip came to an end. We had so much fun above and underwater we hope to see you all again, perhaps in Raja Ampat??

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