Spectacular diving once again in Indonesia

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Spectacular diving once again in Indonesia

Komodo-by-Arron-Wong-114The 4 dives of our first day of this liveaboard safari in Komodo were as diversified as our group of 6 nationalities from 4 continents! Black sand, for our 2 morning dives at Sangeang Island where we spotted frog fish, leaf fish, as well as the bubbles rising out of sandy bottom at the famous “Hot Rocks”. Then no more black sand, but white sand for our afternoon and night dives at Banta Island. Beautiful hard and soft corals with plenty of small and large marine life which included nudis, crabs, shrimps, sea snakes, sting ray, flat head fish and more.

white-trip-sharkAfter dipping our fins in the beautiful and quiet “Coral Garden”, we experienced speedy sensations as we drifted over the coral reef at “Shotgun”. From slight, the current becomes stronger and we finished our dive drifting fantastically between sharks and turtles. In the afternoon, at a slower pace, we enjoyed slaloming between the boulders of “Crystal Rock”. Only 3 courageous Swedish divers participated in the night divein the Bay of Gili Lawa Laut but were very satisfied with their finds. Diversity was again the motto of our 3rd diving day; dramatic scenery at “Tatawa Kecil”, smooth drift dive at “Tatawa Besar”, beautiful coral at “Pulau Tengah” and plenty of marine life from crabs, flat worms, shrimps to cuttlefish and mating mandarins at “Wainilu” for our night dive. Anchored in a gorgeous bay off of Rinca Island, we spent 2 hours in the Komodo National Park to spot the famous dragons, as well as monkeys and buffalo. Then back in the water, we dived “Batu Bolong” a beautiful pinnacle full of impressive corals. In the afternoon, a ghost pipefish and a sea snake were the attractions of “Secret Garden” where water is much colder and green.

huge-cuttlefishDuring our early morning dive at “Tiga Dara (3 sisters), we watched white tip sharks cruising the reef and spotted a huge stonefish nicely camouflaged. Then, we continued our trip southwards and reached Nusa Kode. There, marine life is extremely rich, from the smallest ladybugs, to huge cuttlefish, from sea apples to giant frog fish. All our divers were delighted to discover the variety of sites that Nusa Kode had to offer today with “Boulders”, “Cannibal Rock” and “Torpedo Alley”. Staying one more day in the beautiful “Horse Shoe Bay”, we opted to dive again at “Boulders” and “Cannibal Rock”; discovering even more species that we did not see the previous day: a very rare purple Rhinopia, a nurse shark and a bamboo shark, both hidden in cracks. In the afternoon, we dive the beautiful “Yellow Wall of Texas” full of macro and from the boat spotted 5 impressive dragons on a beach and 2 eagles circling above hoping for some kitchen scraps.

mantarayOne of the highlights of the Komodo trip is “Manta Alley” in the south of Komodo Island. It is such a spectacular site that we have dived it twice to enjoy watching around us the impressive ballet of 12 mantas at their cleaning station. In the afternoon, at “Pantai Merah”, we had a different “show” made of frog fish, ribbon eel, turtle, sting rays and numerous mandarin fish. Then as we made our way back up North we dived again, with a lot of pleasure, “Batu Bolong” and “Crystal Rock” where a few of us were lucky enough to spend our safety stop watching an eagle ray circle below us. We also discovered “Castle Rock”, where, hooked on the reef, we could watch closely, for more than 30min, 7 reef sharks, including a pregnant female.

Group-on-indo-sirenFor our 2 last dives of this exciting trip, we decided to dive one more time at “Shotgun” and “Castle Rock”. With a lot of pleasure, we watched white tip reef sharks, schools of fusiliers and longfin bannerfish being corralled by the trevallies. We were even lucky enough to spot the elusive grey reef shark on Castle Rock! What a stunning way to end the trip, especially as when we surfaced from our final dive the Indo Siren was waiting to take us back to Bima with her 7 sails billowing in the wind making her look the stunning spectacle that she is.

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