Mobulas; Mantas; Macro

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Mobulas; Mantas; Macro

mantarayFor this Komodo trip we welcomed 15 guests from America, England, Germany, South-Africa and Thailand – sounded like an interesting mix – and it was! All flights were delayed by minimum one hour and on to that 2 bags were missing as well. Probably not the best start, but the crew from the Phi Siren managed to get everybody a Bintang and all settled in for what would be another superb dive liveaboard safari with the Siren Fleet. First day of diving got underway with a check dive at Bonto Reef; also known as Nudibranch-City after the dive! We followed with more muck-diving at Techno Reef then switched from black sand to white sand for dives at K2 and Circus where we were treated to Leaf fish, tiny black Frogfish, Hawksbill Turtle, a Stargazer, Indian Ocean Walkman and Baby Crocodile fish; a busy day for our jetlagged guests who were happy to have dinner and then roll into bed!

white-tip-sharksThe morning of day 2 brought us a beautiful sunrise over the north-west hills of Komodo, guests leaving their coffee aside to grab cameras and make some memories. The first dive at Coral Garden was as usual a relaxing dive with tonnes of fusiliers passing by then the adrenalin started pumping as we reached Castle Rock and Crystal Rock being treated to lots of fish including Sharks, Trevallies, Snappers, Fusiliers and Barracudas! At the end of dive 3, the waves picked up so in the interests of safety we opted to cancel the sunset walk and instead we partook of a few Bintang on the Sundeck.

cuttlefishGolden Passage with the golden colour reef in the shallow part will be remembered by our guests for being a stunning dive and this time we only sighted one manta at Makassar Reef, but nevermind it was a great ride in the current with several green Turtles, two Cuttlefish and a White Tip Reef Shark. The dive site Batu Bolong with all its fish life made our guests very happy and we followed this up with a Dragon walk on Rinca Island. After this non-diving activity we went to Kanawa and Sebayur Kecil. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun, relaxing dives and especially stunning visibility – a real holiday for our guests I’m sure. The sea got calmer on the next day. So after a dive at Tatawar Besar we headed south to Tiga Dara seeing nine Mobula Rays.

Zebra-CrabThen it was time to dive the wonderful Cannibal Rock, in the south of Rinca, where we found four Giant Frogfishes and the seahorse pipefish right where we left them last trip! The majority of the guests opted to enjoy the sunset with a few cool Bintangs on the sundeck, rather than doing the nightdive, but for the 3 guests who made the night dive at Torpedo Alley, the reward was sightings of several torpedo rays on the dark sand slopes. The day after we had three great dives in Nusa Kode where we spotted Zebra Crabs, Halgerdas, Mushroom coral Pipefishes, Sea apples, Nembrothas, thousands of glassfish and much more. Right after we finished dive three, the Phi Siren was heading for Manta Alley and guest anticipation was running high! After more than a month we still have a 100% rate for seeing Mantas at Manta Alley. Mantas on the cleaning station, Mantas feeding, Mantas in the channel, Mantas everywhere and of course plenty of happy divers! For the night dive we cruised northwards to Pink Beach finding Bobtail Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Crocodile fish and about 100 little baby flounders.

DSC 5066The last day full of diving started off at Pink Beach. On a rock covered in glassfish, there were a bright yellow and a white leaf fish. Right next to this rock, a beautiful black and yellow Ribbon Eel was out of his hole to feed and as if this wouldn’t be enough, above the rock five Mobulas were dancing with each other in the blue. Ahh a very special dive this one! Tatawar Kecil is known for its often crazy currents. You can swim one meter against the current and in the next second you have to turn 180 degrees, because the current is coming from the opposite side. Our bubbles never arrived at the surface, then for our last dive of the trip we returned to Castle Rock. The current was ripping but we managed to go down quickly and to be exactly at the right spot. Over 10 black tip reef sharks and several grey reef sharks were flying in the current next to us. We got treated to a spectacular feeding action from the Sharks and Oceanic Trevallies. A dive we won’t forget so fast.

Thanks to our international group of divers for making this another wonderful trip and welcome back to Mary & Karl-Heinz who have now made their 7th dive trip with the Siren Fleet! Sampai Jumpa Lagi

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