Komodo – Award Winner Indo Siren is back again!

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Komodo – Award Winner Indo Siren is back again!

Indo-sirenThe water temperature in Komodo has been slowly dropping to 26 degrees Celsius and our dive guides have now exchanged their board shorts for 5mm wetsuits with hood, boots and gloves. But it doesn’t seem to faze our 16 divers from Scuba Life, Melbourne, Australia. On the contrary they are well adjusted to diving in the cold water with low viz and ripping currents before the board the Indo Siren. Our check out dive is as usual at the Unusual Suspects a true test for the macro creature seekers. As we have quite a few new divers, buoyancy control and preventing storm clouds was higher on the priority list than looking for natures finest. Which we did see on our second dive there! With the assistance from the Phi Siren we received the 2 missing pieces of luggage and we went on our way. The night dive at the Circus complete with stargazers, snake eels, blue spotted stingrays and a beautiful full moon brought smiles to our faces.

yellow-ribbonSweetlipIn Coral Garden a mobula ray welcomed us into the Komodo National Park. Beautiful corals lots of fish, sunlight and a little taste of current at Big Nose, afterwhich we cruised to the west to dive at Sebayor Island’s Horse Shoe Reef. For something extra we visited the north of Flores Sabolan Seamount. Here the sloping wall with a sandy saddle leads to the seamount where barracudas are hanging in the current then at Batu Bolong we jumped in at the lee side to be greeted by a huge hawksbill turtle. Ok he was just resting under a table coral but he came out and inspected each of the divers. A white tip felt very brave as he was surrounded by young rainbow runners and nearly ran into Glen and Nic. Karang Makassar is famous for its rays and even though there weren’t any big black and white birds, we did see a spotted eagle ray and huge marbled stingray and a bamboo shark as well as plenty of turtles!

white-frogfishMeeting a big dangerous drooling reptile is always very exciting, but this time the highlight of the visit to Rinca Island was the spitting cobra. I don’t know what is more scary, actually seeing it or having half the group walk straight past it unseen, until the guide heard him hissing? He did call back the rest of the group and great pics were safely taken. Tiga Dara, otherwise known as Three Sisters, can be a little of a challenging dive site. Three pinnacles covered from bottom to top in the most colorful hard and soft corals with attacking crinoids:) a frogfish and a gentle current running though the channels.




Komodo-Dragon-T11 6369In the bay between the south of Rinca and Nusa Kode we have a dive site called Cannibal Rock, likely named after the cannibalistic komodo dragons on the beach. This seamount has it all, big fish, small fish, critters, nudis, hard and soft corals; a good reason to do this site not only as a day dive but also at night. In between we took the dinghies to the beach to have a little more face to face time with wild komodo dragons and eagles that nest in the trees here.

manta komodoThe next morning we dived Yellow wall of Texas and Cannibal Rock in full sunshine, yes this dive is awesome!!! The dive at Boulders gave us a whole different topography with its sloping sandy bottom and huge coral boulders; some even so big it looks like you are diving a wall. When the sun was rising we rode the waves for some manta action at Manta Alley and we weren’t disappointed. One manta came to greet us and seemed to tell us to follow her to her 2 mates that were feeding close to the surface. In ecstasy we ate our breakfast and cruised northwards to Pink Beach. Here we were in luck, it was slack tide and the fish weren’t sure where to go or which direction to swim in. So they all decided to go where the others were, the result? A blanked of fish covering the reef, breath taking. As we lost some time riding the waves earlier today and losing some of our sea legs, we thought a little land time would be great to settle the stomachs. More Komodo dragons at Komodo National Park, this time no spitting cobras but plenty of deer were around. No wonder the dragons just lay around all day, they can have a nice fresh deer any time. During our night dive the hunt was on for the juvenile clown frogfish!

On the way back to Bima Bay we dived Tattawa Kecil in Current City– a superb end to another fabulous trip in Komodo- Its great to be back on the new and improved Indo Siren! Sampai Jumpa Lagi

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