Liveaboard dive trip from Flores to Raja Ampat

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The Indo Siren crew welcome on board a happy group of English divers all ready for their Flores – Raja Ampat liveaboard diving holidays! Most of them were repeat guests to they felt at hom straight away!
On our first day at Flores, the dive trip started with a black sand wall dive at Tanjung Gedong . Ordinate ghost pipe fish, ribbon eel and a good variation of nudibranchs were some encounters of our check dive. After cruising for 2 hours, the Indo Siren reached Serbete, a small Island with stunning walls around. The dives there were full of grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, turtles and stunning corals.


Overnight, we continued the liveaboard dive trip in  Soanggi Island. The dives were seriously amazing because we had very good conditions and straight away we saw white and black tip sharks and many fish. Both dives were different from each other with a bit of everything from nudibranchs and shrimps to sharks and tunas could be encountered. Most of us finished the dive trough the Arch of the Island which was very exciting. At lunch time, the captain moved the Indo Siren over to Lamalera where we had some great dives very differents from the ones we had in the morning.  All the photographers had to change their lenses to a macro one to photograph all the pipe fish, cuttle fish, hairy shrimp, nudibranchs, juvenile ribbon eel and juvenile sweetlips. 

At Pulau Pantar, we had a combination of black sand, bommies and crinoids. Robust and ordinate ghost pipe fishes, frog fish, sand diver, dwarf cuttlefish and harlequin crabs were on the menu. We even had a kind of Jacuzzi dive at Hot Property with all the bubbles coming out of the sea bottom.
At Alor Strait, we dived Pulau Pura and Reta. Both dive sites had many healthy corals but while the first one was full of anemones, the second one was a step dropping wall with many overhangs and fish. After these 2 dives, we went for the first big crossing to Gunung Api with some dolphins sharing the cruise with us! Once we arrived, everybody took their tanks to discover this new diving area! The 2 dives we did there had many sea snakes, tunas and huge barrel sponges.

sea snakes

At Lucipara, we had 2 dives in outstanding reef formations with big barrel sponges and gorgonians on dramatic outcropped walls which descending to deep depth.
Once the Banda islands, we did 2 dives with the perfect conditions: a very mellow current and many fish! In the evening, we moved to Banda Neira where we dived the jetty with its mandarin fish and many other sea critters such as frog fish. The next morning, a land excursion was planned on the Banda Islands where we visited the museum, the fort and the nutmeg plantations.


Next on the diving schedule was Hatta island were we saw a hammerhead shark as well as schooling jacks, batfish, marble rays and barracudas! Overnight, the captain moved the Indo Siren further north east to stop at Koon Islands. In the morning, we dived a dive site called Too Many Fish which was definitely true! We had healthy coral reef with schooling jacks, snappers, batfish, trevallies and barracudas as well as turtles, reef octopus, ribbon eels and macro. Wow Around lunch headed off to Raja Ampat the last big crossing which was very smooth.
Just after lunch, we started our last long crossing of the liveaboard dive trip toward Raja Ampat. Once we arrived, all the crew felt like at home! First on the schedule was Magic Mountain where the strong currents brought up to 7 oceanic mantas, grey reef sharks, wobbegong shark and some more fish action! It was just incredible! At Boo Windows, we has another beautiful dive full of schooling snappers, sharks, manta rays and pigmy seahorses.

At Fiabacet, we dived Whale Rock, Tank Rock and Boo West. On all 3 dives we had more than 1000 fish as well as sharks, wahoo, nudibranchs and pigmy seahorses on amazing colorful reefs with big gorgonians and soft corals.  The night dive at Yellit Besar was also mind blowing  with all the night critters we encounters! Walking sharks, decorator crabs, frog fish, etc 

For our last full diving day, we slowly move north and started in Yellit Kecil with schooling barracudas, jacks, pigmy seahorses, plenty of nudibranchs and a big marble ray. At Jem, we dived Antichove where the main highlight was a giant manta ray! The rest of the dives were in Farondi, Wagmag Wall and Farondi Beach. In the afternoon, we took our guests to a lagoon tour through the islands which was full of golden jellyfish!
Thank you everyone that these 14 day liveaboard dive trip across the band sea from Flores to Raja Ampat! It was incredible! We hope to see you soon on board! Have a wonderful trip back home!

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