Liveaboard diving for Christmas in the Philippines

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Christmas on board Philippine Siren in Coron & Anilao

Rcrocodile fish-reOur 10 day Christmas cruise left from Anilao on the 19th of December on our liveaboard Philippine Siren. We had a wonderful diverse group of divers on board, hailing from Switzerland, Canada, Germany, America and the UK. Everybody settled in easily with lots of laughter’s and hellos, as some divers knew each other from other Siren Fleet destinations and cruises. The first three days we spent Diving in Anilao (Batangas), where everybody was treated with a wide diversity of stunning reef dives and excellent black sand muck diving. Throughout our dives we were spoiled with seahorses, frogfish, robust and ornate ghost pipefish, common and blue ring octopus, orang-utan crabs, finger dragonets, flounders, box cowfish, wide abundance of crabs and shrimps, flying gurnards, pygmy cuttle fish, blennies, snake eels, flamboyant Cuttle fish and so much more…


Rdragonet-reOur next destination on our itinerary was Apo Reef (Mindoro Occidental). Known for its healthy and big coral reefs, our divers had encounters with white and black Tip reef sharks, rays and large fish schools (Barracudas, Snappers, Jacks) – Stunning and truly enjoyable diving! But we had not only great diving days in Apo Reef, we also had a fantastic Christmas Party!! Our Chefs Jimmy and Boy prepared a spectacular meal and then the entire crew performed Christmas songs for everybody. The boat was decorated with Christmas lights and everybody was wearing Santa hats, which brought us a few comments from Julie and Penny, stating that we are doing a good job in making sure that nobody can escape the Christmas spirit, even if you fly half around the world trying for a getaway… but both of them were found later looking very merry and singing Christmas songs with Chef Jimmy on top of their lungs… 🙂 Giving Mona, Claudia, Sarah and Vicky the giggles whilst Sandy and Steve tried to capture all evidence on Video… A great evening with lots of stories and laughter!! … and as we had divers from Europe and the US on board, everybody decided to celebrate Christmas on the 24th and on the 25th, just to make sure…

Rtomato clownfishLeaving Apo Reef and Christmas parties behind, we spent 1 exciting day diving in Dimipac + Dimacya Island (Busuanga) followed by Coron (Palawan) where we spent our last 3 diving days. Coron is known for its WWII Wrecks, which can be found all around the lagoon areas in Palawan. These reminders of our past rest in peace now and are home to a large abundance of hard and soft coral and lots and lots of marine live: lion fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, batfish, snappers, clown fish, flatworm, giant trevally, fusiliers, bigmouth mackerel, octopus, yellow tail barracuda, gobies, moray eel, ornate ghost pipefish, razor fish, banded pipefish, hawksbill turtle, crocodile fish, school of jacks … just to mention a few…

Throughout our trip and between all dives we were spoiled with delicious meals or snacks, followed by a variety of relaxing opportunities, either in the comfy salon, outside in the dining area or on our large sundeck, reading books, editing pictures or simply having a nap.

A really enjoyable trip with lots and lots of laughter, dive stories and great Christmas parties! I truly hope to see you all again in the future!

Photos provided by guest Brenda Kirkby


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