Liveaboard Diving in Komodo – mantas macro and mermaids

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Liveaboard Diving in Komodo : Mantas, Macro and Mermaids

brownseahorseHere we are at Bima Bay the day before Ramadan finished, our sixteen divers from United Kingdom, Germany, United States and Netherlands already are on board the S/Y Indo Siren. After the welcome cocktail and the paperwork I explained to them how our Komodo five stars liveaboard works and introduced them their new family for the next eleven days: our fabulous crew. Hurry hurry!, let’s have a light meal, set gear and get ready for our first dive: THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS! After the dive everybody comments about what they have seen: Yes! Now I know why you call the dive site this name! Those of our guests that had not experienced “muck diving” before told us that they never seen so many different and unusual species as this dive site has to offer. Second day of the trip, Captain Daeng drove our nice Pinisi to Sangeang Island, close to 2000 meter high, this volcanic island is a good start for the day . Techno Reef and The Estuary both have black sandy bottoms and lots of colorful corals, sponges, school of fishes & critters then add the bubbles coming out on Hot Rocks, with sea fans and brightly coloured anemones and you’ve got 3 fantastic dive sites. Also a greedy octopus tried to seal the weight from one of the divers’ SBM, hahaha! The night dive in Gili Banta, The Circus, made a good end for our first complete diving day.



team photo dragon walkThe day after, 1st September, some of us have a good surprise: a manta on Coral Garden! In Castle and Crystal Rock we had the chance for training in negative entries. We changed the name Crystal Rock instead “One fin rock”, hahaha, because one of the divers lost one fin , thankfully we managed to get it back! The place for night dive was close to the Indo Siren, Shotgun Reef, after which our hostesses Diane and Ane brought hot drinks and hot towels. Early in the morning on day 4th we dived Castle Rock again and like the previous day it was a fish soup, white, black and grey sharks included! On our way south we stopped in Batu Bolong, spotting two friendly turtles and again thousands of fishes. On Tatawa Besar we enjoyed a speedy drift dive with a lot of turtles. Crossing Current City we dived at sunset on Dragon Besar, for the mandarin fish and spent the night in order to do the Dragon Walk the morning after. We found many dragons and other creatures during our early trekking and then Capt. Daeng drove the boat south to Nusa Kode where the water was especially cold this time, 21 degrees C (70F).coral crab No worries! Cannibal Rock has plenty of life that we didn’t have time to think about the cold! Night diving at Torpedo Alley turned up many critters and again a delicious dinner served by Gun and Agus. Also birthday celebration, with cake, candles and nice dancing that Rachel did for us!On day 6th we dived three more times in the cold waters of Nusa Kode before moving to the southern corner of Komodo where we made a nice sunset dive on Phinisi, batfishes, mandarin fish and a big fantail ray were waiting for us. Next day we moved around the corner to Manta Alley area. The sea was quite rough with plenty of surge. We dived twice at Manta Alley and once at German Flag where some of us saw few “big birds”.

sun on the bowl 2Coming back north we did last dive of the day on Pantai Merah, on a nice sandy beach full of life with warm water. September 6, time flies! Early on the morning we had a nice surprise on Pink Beach, when finishing the dive we meet some mantas close to surface. Also big birds come to visit us in Batu Bolong! Due the strong current in Current City, we were delayed on the way north and we decided to skip Makassar reef and go directly to fly across Shot Gun. The current was changing so in the end the dive was backward having us cruising out of the shot guns, with big birds included- nice! The following day our mermaids –Rachel, Penny, Ari and Nicola- decided to repeat early Shot Gun whilst the rest of the divers returned to Castle Rock. In both dive sites the current was very mild. For the second dive everybody went to Shot Gun again, it’s like a drug! For the third dive we repeated Crystal Rock and it felt like a completely different dive site than last time. No current, tons of fishes and friendly sharks in shallow water made a wonderful dive for all of us. Last dive day, in Gili Banta and we elected to dive K2 and Swiss Dream. Culminating in some funny groups pics underwater.last day On the way back to Bima we had the chance to put the sails up. Our guests taking some time to decide the best five dives they did during the trip were :1. Crystal Rock, 2. Batu Bolong, 3. Castle Rock, 4. Shotgun and 5. German Flag. The best night dives were Shotgun reef and Pinisi. Ari, Ben, Chris, Debra, Dave, George, Georig, Jane, Melli, Nicola, Penny, Petra, Pieter, Rachel, Sarah and Torsten, thank you all of you for an unforgettable trip! Sampai Jumpa Lagi! Hope to see you again! 


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