Luxury Liveaboard S/Y Palau Siren Diving within the Komodo

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Luxury Liveaboard S/Y Palau Siren
Diving within the Komodo National Park

the cars5Another hot sunny day in Bima and all our guests arrived in time. This time we welcomed a group from America onboard our luxury liveaboard S/Y Palau Siren. After a light lunch, the briefings and the life jacket drill we headed away from the harbor and visited our first site “The Unusual Suspects”. This site is known for amazing macro life and we didn’t get disappointed with sightings of ghost pipefish, wonderpus, urchin crabs and lots of shrimps.

Komodo-2-200We stayed the night in Bima since we had to wait for 3 bags and did the next morning more macro dives in Bima bay, amazing sightings this time with 7 seahorses, Pegasus seamoth and more ornate ghost pipefish. The bags arrived and we started our cruise to Gilli banta. The night dive here was as good as always, we spotted different kinds of snake eel, pygmy cuttlefish, stargazer and nudibranches and some even saw a large flying gurnard.

delsan wreck21We started the next day with a gentle dive at “coral Garden” where some of us been lucky and saw a group of 6 eagle rays passing by. We moved then to Gilli Lawa Laut for some shark action at “Crystal Rock” before we cruise easily through the “Shotgun”. A nice relaxing night dive at the “Shotgun reef” finished our first full fiving day. After a good night sleep we all been ready for some shark action at “Castle Rock”. The current was medium strong and we could enjoy all the giant trevallies and white tip reef sharks hunting the fusiliers.

mantaWe moved then further south into current city and visited “Batu Bolong”, this little pinnacle in the middle of the current city is definitely one of the best sites around, the amount of fish is really amazing. After lunch was more drift diving on the “menu”, “Makassar Reef” awaited us and nobody come back disappointed, we counted 13 turtles, 3 eagle rays, some white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks and Francesco’s group even spotted a leopard shark.

Jorunna-funebrisCaptain Daeng moved the luxurious liveaboardS/Y PA Siren” into shelter for the night and we went on the search for the elusive mandarin fish.After our light breakfast we saw the dragons at Rinca, it’s the start of the mating season and we actually saw quite a few in the “wild”. The walk in Rinca is one of my favorites since it’s a bit rural and you really get a feeling about the dragon environment.

Komodo-3-041Then it was time to head south, the PA Siren has to fight against a strong current and we delayed our dive at Padar Island 1 hr but that was not a problem for us and we still had enough time to enjoy every single one. At first we checked “Tiga Dara” at Padar Island where we got a feeling for the diving in the south with beautiful corals and colder water. After a late lunch Captain Daeng drove us to Nusa Kode and where we first dove the world famous “cannibal Rock” and later “Dragon Beach”. It is absolute amazing here when you see the “wild” dragons on the beach. In the evening we celebrated the 4th July with our American guests.

orangutanThe next day started with “Cannibal Rock”, and everybody returned with smiling faces. During breakfast we saw a few dragons at the beach and had two more dives here in Nusa Kode. “Rhino Rocks” and “Torpedo alley” are known for macro life and the hunt was one to find the most amazing creatures from wasp fish to seahorse and orang utang crab. Our crossing back to Komodo was a bit “wavy”, but Captain Daeng showed of his skills from 45 years at sea and we arrives safe in southern Komodo for our night dive at “Phinisi”.

Gymnodoris-funebrisThe wind was still strong the next day so we could not go to Manta Alley, but we explored a new site “Riches Corner”, named after group organizer Rich. We cruised back to warmer water and stopped at “pink beach” for one dive before heading to “Makassar Reef”. Here we had a special surprise for Mark and Susie, two large mantas got cleaned right in front of them and spend 25 min with them.

Komodo-4-021After a good night sleep everybody was ready for some current, we started with ”Tatawa Besar”, a real express, for 20 min flying along the reef and then great macro life with leaf fish and nudis. Second up was “Makassar Reef”, again a gentle drift with some sharks, a few turtles and Thomas found a new species of nudi branches, even our nudi branch expert Tim could not identify the species. After a good lunch from Chefs Andre and Ivan we did a gentle drift along the “Lighthouse Reef”, where we all had the pleasure of a manta cruising by. We spend a leisurly evening at Gilli Lawa Laut to get ready for the last full day of diving.

Komodo-4-004Since a week ago the current at “Shotgun” was not so strong we tried this time again and hat so much fun, the current was just right. Whilst Tim’s and Thomas’s group have been looking for mantas and sharks, somehow Francesco managed to find 5 leaf fish. We choose “Crystal Rock” for our second dive and hit the slack tide, so we all had an amazing dive with millions of fusiliers, trevallies, sharks and Francesco’s group saw 4 dolphjns. In the afternoon we went back to “Castle Rock” to say good bye to the sharks. Then we put our seven sails up and the luxurious live aboard PA Siren showed off her beauty. After a chilled out evening we made our way to Sangeang Island. We missed this island on the way out, but had amazing dives at “The Estuary” and world class macro on “Bonto reef”, where Paul managed to take 140 photos of ??? different species of nudibranches. Thank you, for coming on this special trip. Sampai Jumpa lagi


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