Macro & Mantas diving in Komodo

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Liveaboard Diving in Komodo, Indonesia – macro & mantas

crew-IS-KO-10-11This time our trip starts two days later according with the schedule because flight cancelations but thankfully we we didn’t skip any of the best dive sites. In the end, our sixteen costumers from Austria, Denmark and Germany were on board! Thank you Wirodive! With just a short time to introduce the crew, get to know the Indo Siren & for a light meal and then it was time to go diving! Our first dive in The Unusual Suspects was especially murky and so full of live as we expect! Lots of critters to start off the trip. The day after, the black sands of Sangeang Island were waiting for us. Three dives in Techno Reef, The Estuary and Hot Rocks where Dince and I found a lot of small life. We saw many soft corals, gorgonians, rays, schools of colorful reef fishes, bent stick pipe fishes, many kinds of shrimps: saw blade, periclemens, boxing banded, Durban dancers, cleaners… scorpion fish, morays, leaf fishes, big schools of banner fish and surgeons… The contrast of the colorful life with the volcanic sand is spectacular. Our therapist Diane and Ane had hard work with many costumers taking a relaxing massage this afternoon. On the night dive on The Circus we found three snake eels “king size”, a ball of cat fishes and a long list of other creatures. Yadi, the waiter was waiting for us with a nice hot chocolate and teas, and Diane and Ane provided hot towels after the dive – what a welcome back on board!

Komodoshark-WongDay three started with a gentle dive in Coral Garden, then it was time to move to Crystal Rock looking for more action. Jacks and dogtooth tunas hunting, big sweet lips and white tips always go together with the moderate current. Shotgun again overpasses the expectation! After the fish bowl one big manta was waiting and stayed with us hanging on the current for few minutes, till a second came and they start to play. Flying with the current we found a couple more quite friendly mantas. On the early night dive in Shotgun reef a small group of us enjoy with 15 minutes of manta in the shallow waters swimming around us. Delicious cheese cake from chef Agus was the finish to a perfect dinner and day! Looking for adrenaline, we move to Castle Rock. Again white tips came around during almost all dive. In Batu Bolong the current changes during the dive and we were able to go around the whole pinnacle and enjoy a nice spectacle of colorful fishes. Gun and Agus prepare a tasty lunch with Indonesian food, Gado-gado, and different sates – YUM. In Pantai Merah we went to the Komodo National Park for a short trekking. Juvenile and adult Komodos, wild pigs and deer were hiding in the jungle then it was back to the boat and a drive southwards to dive in Pinisi, a small wreck, and we found picturesque dragonets and mandarin fishes mating.

mandarin-fish-reEarly in the morning on day 5 we sailed to Manta Alley. After one dive we decided to move north again. It was too much surge to enjoy the dive and we’d had plenty of manta action in Shotgun! After a couple hours sailing we tried to find the big fishes in Makassar reef. Not too lucky, some of the costumers saw one from far, but we enjoyed with many turtles, bumphead parrot fishes and a nurse shark. On GLD bay we did a relaxing night dive. Batu Bolong early in the morning was plenty of life. Again in Current City, we did two awesome drift dives in Tatawa Kecil and Tatawa Besar. Many turtles, trevallies, a couple of white tip sharks & sweetlips around us… After a relaxing afternoon in Gili Lawa Laut bay, massages included, some of our costumer did a sunset dive in Shotgun reef. Day 7 start with the perfect conditions to dive in Castle Rock. Thousands of neon fusiliers, around fifteen sharks, tunas, trevallies, groupers, sweet lips… On Shotgun we found a nice fantail ray, two big white tips and our two friendly mantas were back again. We decided to repeat Shot Gun, this time jumping on the end of the dive. We had a relaxing afternoon with kayaks, snorkeling and swimming before to move to Coral Garden, where we did the last dive in Komodo coast and spent the night. Our last diving day! Wow how time flies when you are having such fun. The morning started with a pretty sunrise over Gili Banta and our first dive inside the bay, K2, where we found leaf fish and a special white pipe fish on a mushroom coral. For the last dive of the trip we moved to Swiss Dream, again an explosion of macro life. On the way back to Bima we set our seven sails for a gentle cruise and our guests had the chance to take some pictures from the S/Y Indo Siren under sails. At night our chefs prepared a superb barbecue on the dining area there was time for sharing photos and to drink some cocktails. Day 9, saw us back in Bima with some last minute packing and group photos.

We hope to see you again soon! Sampai jumpa lagi!


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