Mantas, Mantas and more Mantas in Komodo

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Mantas, Mantas and more Mantas in Komodo

mastaOur group of 15 guests arrived in time in Bima on a beautiful day with little wind. This time we had an international group from Australia, Macau, UK, Sweden, Thailand and France. At first all the paperwork and then we showed everybody their cabins in the luxury liveaboard Palau Siren, the newest addition of the Siren Fleet. Everybody was amazed about the cabins and the space on board. After settling in, a few briefings and the life jacket drill we moved to our first dive site “The Unusual Suspect” and were rewarded with frogfish, flying gurnard & pipefish.Captain Daeng drove us the next morning to Sangeang Island for some more macro diving, but this time in crystal clear water. Don began his rebreather training whilst everybody else enjoyed the sightings of pygmy seahorse, cuttlefish and other creatures. In the afternoon we had a first “big bird” encounter at Gilli Banta’s “K2” and later on an amazing night dive at the “Circus”.

Staghornpoint27The following morning we dived at “Coral garden” before moving into the Komodo Marine park to dive Shotgun”. This time we experienced just a mild current, but saw a guitar shark, white and black tip reef sharks which was of course very nice indeed. In the afternoon we visited one of my favorites “Castle Rock”, also here just a little bit current, but millions of fish and Don and I in the middle with our Poseidon MKVI rebreathers . During the sunset dive Francesco saw two mantas and in the evening there was a lovely surprise for me; the crew made a cake for my wedding anniversary. I hope Susie has also a great day diving in Timor Leste!

flyingManta3After one more dive the next morning at “Cannibal Rock”, we moved back to Komodo and checked if the big birds had returned to “Manta Alley” and what an amazing dive we had! For 1 hour we were surrounded by at least 30 mantas. Don and I had the advantage of diving the Poseidon rebreather, so after all other divers left the cleaning station we really got the feeling of being part of the game. Staying next to the cleaning station we just waited and all of the mantas checked us out and since we did not make any bubbles or noise they accepted us as one of their own and came very close. This dive was so great we decided to make one more and again we had many mantas around but this time in shallower water. Moving northwards we stopped for the night in “Pink Beach” and had an enjoyable macro night dive.

Anthias--coralsWe again visited “Pink Beach” the next morning, where Peter tried out one of our Poseidon MKVI units…. I think he was jealous of our manta action! Then we returned to “Current City” and dived “Batu Bolong”. This little pinnacle is located directly in the middle of the straight and attracts an amazing amount of reef fish, but also larger pelagic stop by. The current was just medium strong however some of us were lucky and saw a again a manta cruising by. Makassar Reef was up next and again some big fish action including mantas, white and black tip sharks. Instead of the sunset dive Francesco took our guests on a sunset walk up the hill of Gilli Lawa Derat. The view from the top is unbelievable and during the sunset you can see all the islands around here in a very special light. In the morning we returned to the famous sites of Gilli Lawa Laut and hoped for more big fish action at “Crystal Rock”, “Shotgun” and “Castle Rock”. The dives didn’t disappoint with a great amount of sharks at Castle Rock and Crystal Rock and strong current for a fun drift at Shotgun.

Komodo-sea-starFor our second last day we moved back to Gilli Banta’s “K2” and “Swiss Dream” and saw again a few mantas cruising by. After the dive in Sangeang Island we lifted our seven sails and started our way back to Bima, for two more amazing dives the next day. Like usual on the last evening, our chefs created a faboulus BBQ to say thank you and sampai jumpa lagi.


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