Mantas, sharks and dolphins!

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The Indo Siren crew was ready to start another great liveaboard dive trip in Raja Ampat! The diving cruise started in the Sagof area of Raja Ampat to the East of Misool. After a smooth night sailing we arrived at Two Tree Rock rested and ready for our first day of diving. About halfway through our first dive, we started to hear telltale clicks and clacks that experienced divers know can mean only one thing: Dolphins. All eyes turn to look out to the blue as we are treated to an amazingly rare site! Three playful adult dolphins came swooping in chasing breakfast and our photographers were lucky to fire off a few quick shots! This was  a good sign for the trip!

We wake up at Wayil Batan, South East of Misool, and headed for Four Kings, one of our favorite dive spots in the south. This site, always amazing, again delivered loads of hunting fish action with big eye trevally, dogtooth tuna, and schools of great barracuda attacking clouds of damsel and glass fish. As if that wasn’t enough, we also saw a nice three meter black oceanic manta ray cruise past. The cleaning station of Magic Mountain was once again full of mantas waiting for their turn to be cleaned by the small wrasses.

The next day, we spent the whole day diving in the Fiabacet area, east of Misool. This area is a chain of small islands and ridges that make up several different amazing dive sites. We chose to dive Nudi Rock, Whale Rock, and Fiabacet Pinnacle which are heralded as some of the best soft coral sites in Raja Ampat and in the world!

Now it was time to head north to the Bulbulol area East of Misool to explore the underwater pinnacles of No Contest and Love Potion. These pinnacles act as magnets drawing in all the fish life of the area including huge schools of jacks, barracuda, and bannerfish. We finished the day exploring the underwater caves at Farondi and with a nice sunset swim and lagoon tour.

Black Beauty on the island of Batanta offered some great mucking diving: frog fish x12 , rhinopias weedy scorpionfish x 5, ornate ghost pipe fish x6 and, thorny seahorse, just to mention a few of the incredible creature we found!
Arborek Jetty always provides an ideal nursery for fish with protection from the current among the columns but today we had the chance to see as well a reef manta swimming pass!

The Dampier Straight area is best known for its strong current and abundance of coral and fish life. Cape Kri, Sardine Reef and Blue Magic were not an exception! Schools of great barracuda, hunting jacks and grey reef. The island of Sonec provided us with  an amazingly interesting night dive where we found double-ended pipe horse, cookatoo wasp fish, and razor fish by the hundreds!

We liked it so much, the whole group agreed to repeat Blue Magic! Schools of hunting jack and dogtooth tuna circled this site looking for an easy breakfast. We were also lucky to find a beautiful purple leaf scorpion fish and a few tasseled woebegongs! A great end to an amazing liveaboard dive trip in Raja Ampat!
Thank you everyone for sharing it with us! We hope to see you soon on board!

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