New Year’s Eve diving in Fiji!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!! Once again we find ourselves wondering where the time went and how did we end up here so fast. We have had some great times with all of our guests on board the Fiji Siren and ALL the crew wish everyone the best for their own year to come.

This time round we were out for a seven-day trip around the Lomaiviti group here in Fiji and we had some fantastic people to spend this time with. We had some great diving planned ahead of us so to kick off we did a check out dive as soon as everyone was all settled in a briefings done before moving on out to the Bligh Waters and our famous sites of Mellow Yellow and Coral Corner, not to mention Black Magic Mountain. We saw a couple of reef sharks and the bountiful amounts of soft corals, which is what we are known for in this region of the world! We had schools of trevally and surgeonfish, with also the tons of Anthias around.

From here it was Namena to start off the New Year in style with dives into Grand Central and Chimneys. Here we had a beautiful drop down the edge of a wall where we eventuated on a sandy plateau passing many dogtooth tuna, sharks, barracuda, red-tooth triggerfish and hundreds of more cool little creatures. At Chimneys we had plenty of soft coral, lots of garden eels and schools of small fish with a small ghost pipefish coming into the action later in the dive outside one of the caves we swim through.  Once safely on anchor close to the Island it was time for a nice cold beer and a celebration brought on by the band.

As we travelled over night for New Year’s Eve, we adjusted and celebrated new years on American time, which is a day later for us in Fiji. The Rubber Band came out and we all had a great time. I’m not sure anyone made midnight this night though. We had one more day in Namena before moving south to the Island of Gau where we have our small population of Grey Reef Sharks in Nigali Passage. We had a nice easy coral dive at Jim’s Alley and Anthias Ave before moving down to Nigali Passage. The currents came into the passage fairly strong this week bringing with them a lot of fish life and sharks. We had about 15 juvenile sharks with about 40 grey Reef Sharks in total. This made out for a spectacular second dive in the passage where we had a small amount of food for them. Bill the Malabar Grouper came along and brought a friend of similar stature, which made it even better as these guys are not shy in the slightest. Next stop was Wakaya Island where over the day we managed to have a couple of nice wall dives and a sighting of a very large Great Hammerhead at a size of around 4.5m in waters as shallow as 15m.

As the week drew to an end we found ourselves back in the Bligh Waters and Vatu-I-Ra. For our last day of diving we jumped into the waters surrounding E-6, a giant pinnacle sitting in 1000m of water. Here we split in two and had one group diving the outer wall of the pinnacle and one group diving the Cathedral part. After this dive, we switched teams so that we all got to see each different part of this site. The Cathedral having it yellow soft coral ceiling and sea whips and the wall with it fans, schooling surgeonfish and halimeda plants.

After this we slowly made our way back home to Volivoli to arrive when the sun drops just below the horizon. Happy New Year to all once again, we will see all of you soon.

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