No less than 20 grey reef sharks and many red snappers!

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No less than 20 grey reef sharks and many red snappers

The Fiji Siren welcomed this week a group of 10 Americans, 2 Germans and one from the UK. All ready to dive Fiji! To start off we sent the whole group diving at Amazing Maze as a check out dive while we picked up our last passenger. It was a short trip from Voli Voli so great for getting in that first dive. We stayed anchored just off Nananu-i-Ra and got an early start to Vatu-i-Ra for our dives to Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain. We had leaf fish, grey reef sharks and even a nice ghost pipe fish sitting by some soft coral. The sea conditions were beautiful and flat so after our third dive at Coral Corner, we moved off to Gau which would be our longest journey of the trip.

reef-sharks-02At Gau, we first dove at Jim’s Alley and Anthias Avenue. Both had some great soft coral spots and lots of small fish schooling around the tops of the reef. We even found a small Black Banded Sea Snake swimming around at Jims Alley. With the afternoon progressing on, we moved the boat beside the Nigali Passage to complete the days diving. On the first dive, we had many sharks around. For the second dive, we dropped about halfway down the passage and drifted straight to the bleachers and set ourselves down on the rocks somewhere we could see all the action. No less than 20 grey reef sharks and many red snappers! We ended this dive on the large cabbage coral patch at the entry to the lagoon where we could spend our time in the shallows doing our safety stop.

We remained in Gau for the night and travelled to Wakaya in the early hours of the morning. We planned three dives here before we embarked onward to Namena and each one was as good as the next with the nice long 300m deep walls that surround the entry way into the lagoon of Wakaya Island. We had some pipefish and scorpion fish with the odd shark passing by.

barracudaThe last island we would be visiting would be Namena where we had 8 dives set up for us to enjoy. We first dove at North Save-A-Tack on the Grand Central station area. We started off in the blue water looking at what might come up from the deep and ending up passing by the pygmy sea horse on our way to the safety stop. This site being so big we planned on another dive there the next day. Next we had School House with its big school of Banner fish and finishing the day dives off at Black forest. For the first time of the trip, we had a night dive where almost everyone decided to go. We split the group into two and dove Nemo and The beach Wreck, switching the sites over the next night.

For the second last day of diving, we went back out to Grand Central station landing beside the archway to try and get some underwater group photos. We ended this dive hanging around the top of Kansas with all its leather coral swaying in the current. For the last dives of the day, we hit the popular spots of Ned’s Heads and Black Forest again to get a look at the ribbon eel and then had Chimneys followed by the night dive.

group-fiji-siren-liveaboard-diving-safariAs all things do, they must come to an end and for us that was back in the Bligh Waters diving E6. It could not have ended on a better note with the conditions being magnificent seeing three ghost pipe fish and getting the last of the underwater group shots with and without the flag.

All I could say was thank you to each and every one of you that embarked on this trip as it was a special one for the Fiji Siren. This was the 50th voyage we made here in the Fijian waters and I could not have asked for better people to celebrate that with! So Vinaka Vake Levu and have a safe journey home !

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