Opened mouths all over the trip!

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Opened mouths all over the trip!

The Indo Siren and her crew said welcome to 11 Americans, 2 Canadians, 1 Swiss and 1 German. After the safety drill and the general dive briefing dinner was served, it was time to get a chatty evening. On the first dive day, we started our first and second dives at Bonto Reef, Sangeang Island. Wow! We spotted a lot of creatures for the first day. Everybody enjoyed getting wet so that they familiarized with their buoyancy and guides. After lunch, we moved over to Gili Banta for the third dive at K2. Everyone seemed amaze with the corals. What a great start in the week. Some did a night dive at west side of Banta Island, called Stargazer Beach or some called it Circus.


Next day, we did our first dive at Coral Garden where the corals were as stunning as usual! Everyone fitted in wide angle for their cameras and they were gorgeous. We moved to Gili Lawa Laut to do our second dive of the day at Crystal Rock. The water was clear and there were plenty of fishes as everyone were keen to see big creatures. Then, we dove in Makassar Reef  and could encounter our first Mantas. After our first Mantas we went off to Sebayur Kecil. Some of our guests decided to do the night dive.

Mantas komodo

We started the next day with Tatawa Besar followed by Batu Bolong then Makassar Reef and Wainiloo to finish a mind blowing day. We had incredible drift dives with warm waters, a great visibility and huge encounters of soft coral gardens, mantas, reef sharks and turtles. I think I saw people sitting with open mouths at many times still not believing what we saw

hawksbill turtle 700

Next on the schedule was the dragon walk in Rinca. We had a great walk and 8 dragons posing for us that morning. After a good walk it’s time to cold down and go diving. Siaba Kecil and Sebayur Kecil were on the plan. Scorpion leaf fish, manta, sharks, schooling bumphead parrotfish made this day outstanding.
We started with Tatawa Besar than we changed scenery and moved to Padar to dive Secret Garden and kept on going south to Horse Shoe Bay. Now our guest could enjoy Cannibal Rock and Torpedo Alley. A bit chilly with 23 degrees for everybody but stunning for macro and richness of colors. Also the anchorage point was  stunning: we could encounter dragons, wild pigs, monkeys and deers on the beach.

komodo island

We woke up with clear sky and bright sun and the first dragons already on the beach. We started with the Boulders and Cannibal a big wow for the creatures… lady bugs, beautiful nudibranchs and huge octopus are just a few things with were amazing. Time to continue and go back to Padar. Tiga Dara and the Pink Beach of Padar were our afternoon activities. WOW. Our guest were tired and totally amazed by the beauty of that island.

Komodo lady bugs

Next day time to change back to warm water 26 degrees was scheduled. Batu Bolong, Shotgun and Castle Rock were on the plan. Wow, wow, wow. Sharks, Napoleons, Mobula and 1000 of fish were the menu of the day. The night divers could explore nudibranchs, crabs and other night critters while the others went for the sunset on the Island. It was a beautiful day again! For the last day in Komodo National Park, we started with Castle Rock. After this challenging dive with strong current, Shotgun was just perfect with a mild one. Sharks, frog fish, pygmy seahorse trevally’s chasing fusiliers and much more in Crystal Rock made this area unforgettable for our guests. With big smiles we did our last night dive in Coral Garden with many creatures.

Komodo pygmy seahorse

Last diving day was exciting in Bima Bay. Pure macro on the list!  2 dives in Unusual Suspects showed us, ordinate ghost pipe fish, tiger shrimp, octopus nudibranchs and other wired and fancy stuff. In the afternoon group, crew and mixed pictures were taken. Big cheer ups for guests and crew. We ended the trip with a nice barbeque dinner on the last night aboard the Indo Siren Liveaboard.


Happy faces amongst the guests and the crew for a great week in Komodo National Park. Thank you everyone for this amazing trip!

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