Great week aboard Palau Siren with Marc Stickler.

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Great week aboard Palau Siren with Marc Stickler.

Palau Siren was excited to welcome on board this week not only divers that were coming straight from Philippine Siren but also wildlife and underwater photographer Mark Stickler! They were all thrilled to start/continue their adventure in Palau. We started with famous WWII Japanese Iro Maru wreck with school of big eye jacks and yellow fusiliers, as well as some angelfish, triggerfish and an octopus. We continue our cruise toward Ulong where we did our first night dive of the week at Ulong Reef with various types of crabs and shrimps.

Turtle Palau 1On the next day, still at Ulong, grey reef sharks, schooling barracuda and sting rays were waiting for us at Sandy Paradise! What a better way to start your day! Siaes Corner and Big Drop off werenดt disappointing neither! Grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, black tip sharks, snappers, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, barracudas and much more! After dinner, Marc Stickler played some guitar for the delight of our ears

Blue Corner was as awesome as always! Sharks, schools of jacks and barracudas, mackerels, tunas, turtles, snappers. The next dive at German Channel was full of school of fish, sharks and a Manta! To finish, we chose Barnum’s wall and German channel as a night dive. A Nautilus dive was scheduled for the next day at Turtle cove! Those creatures are really amazing to photograph! Then back to Blue Corner and Blue Holes for some more shark action! Great macro and beautiful soft corals at Big Drop Off for our night dive.

Wrasse PalauOn the next day, our guests didn’t have any difficulty to wake up with the strong current and shark action at New Drop Off. After this, while some were diving Dexter’s Wall, others preferred to do a land tour at Peleliu with its tanks and WWII relics. After lunch, we dove German Channel and explored its beautiful hard coral garden. Then Capitan Daeng moved Palau Siren back to Ulong where we did our night dive at Sandy Paradise: shrimps, scorpion leaf fish, barracudas, Napoleon wrasse, lobsters, nudibranchs and flatworms.

JellyFL PalauAnother day in paradise! Three wonderful dives for our last day of diving. Siaes Tunnel where we had the chance to witness some shark feeding. Ulong Channel with some more shark action followed with a nice drift over the beautiful coral garden inside the channel. Then Palau Siren crew lift sails up and moved back to Malakal where we did our final dive at Chandelier, a small cave with four chambers where you can surface and look at the stalactite formations, followed by search of the beautifibul Mandarin fish at the entrance of the cave. Finally, we finished this new adventure in Palau at Jellyfish Lake with its millions of Golden Jellyfish.

Thank you all to this great week! Wish you a safe trip back home and see you soon aboard!

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