Seven Nights in Palau

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group11Seven Nights in Palau

A group of fourteen friends boarded the Palau Siren liveboard late afternoon with just one request: “we want to have fun!” Well let’s see what we can do about that… After a good rest the divers were surprised to see we had moved during the night ready to start our 7-night dive safari. No current for our check out dive on Helmet wreck then the amazing Chandelier Cave had divers returning with a big smile which widened on our next dive with the displays of the colorful mandarin fish. The choice between a night dive and a drink was obviously easy… everyone stayed dry!

Grey-Reef-Shark---PalauA calm morning followed so we opted to explore the Iro Maru and whilst the Palau Siren sailed to Ulong, we made a tour of the Rock Islands in the tender – cameras were out and running! Sandy Paradise offered a real taste of Palau diving and the first sharks ever for some of our guests and a superb warm up for Ulong Channel. Here we encountered a reasonable strength current for a first reef hook experience before flying into the channel, some sharks were surfing with current others playing down the reef, and this is Ulong just as we like it. With four pilots aboard the flying theme continued into the afternoon as “the men” played with their helicopter equipped with camera to get some aerial footage of the Palau Siren before we returned to Ulong Corner with plenty of sharks making for an exciting night dive. Movie and popcorn was needed to relax afterwards!

Electric-Clam---Blue-Holes---PalauSiaes Tunnel started off our next day with harlequin shrimps, octopus and sharks then we moved to 2 dog island to experience Blue Corner. The currents were a little trick but Big Daddy, Napoleon wrasse, won the palm with videographers. German Channel followed providing a festival of schooling fish during the safety stop, black snappers, surgeon, unicorn, fusilier and a few sharks passing by… While 4 of us were out on a night dive, others were enjoying the sunset with the cocktail they had created (mango electrolyte and rum) or a massage by the amazing Rain.

Turtle Palau 1The vertiginous Blue Holes, turtles at Dexter’s Wall and a dive at Blue Corner kept us busy on day 5 with grey reef sharks circling us during the safety stop… You have to live it to understand the magic of it. Then in the afternoon we watched a documentary on the Peleliu battle with interesting testimonies from veterans, in preparation for the optional tour the next day. An easy afternoon dive at Fairyland ended the day’s dives before heading to the beach for a sunset drink; the little helicopter ran out of battery and fell in the water, so an electronic surgery kept some men busy while the other ones enjoyed the sea view, the music and the laughs. On the way back they asked to do it again the next day…

islandsAfter a delicious breakfast prepared by our chef Serge, we made our way to Peleliu to follow the path of history while two went for a dive in Ngerong. A relaxing afternoon in Big Drop Off, our usual night dive site, followed by an incredible dive in German Channel; during which up to forty sharks gathered for a few minutes of spectacle and photos. Not ones for night diving the group once again opted to relax aboard with movies or cocktails on the beach.

Crocodile-Fish--PalauThe Palau Siren was awake before the sun and sailed towards Jellyfish Lake, where everyone had lots of fun, amazed by these strange non-stinging jellyfishes. Afterwhich we crsuied to Short Drop Off for our optional Nautilus dive; 10 nautilus for 13 happy divers and two lucky souls saw two manta rays passing by along the reef. Wreck in the afternoon, the Chuyo Maru and a night dive at Sam’s Wall rounded up the diving for this trip. The sun was set, the wind was blowing and the party started until late or rather early morning, it was definitely a joyful boat…. And the guests got their wish “fun fun fun”.

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