Sharks, sharks and more sharks

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Sharks, sharks and more sharks…

The Palau Siren was starting her week with some wreck diving including the biggest wreck in Micronesia: the 139 m Amatsu Maru where some great critters was waiting for us: lion fish, fusiliers, sweetlips, some colorful nudibranchs, turtles, among others. Chandelier Cave was also on our schedule for today. We continued our way towards Ngemelis area where the next dive was German Wall, covered with soft coral and fans. As we descended, many sharks and turtles were seen as well as some bumphead parrotfish and a spearing mantis shrimp. On the way back to Palau Siren, a few lucky guests spotted a Manta Ray cruising through German Channel.

Napoleon wrasse PalauOn the next day, we were treated to the sight of a manta circling the cleaning station at German Channel. Funny how these gentle creatures seem to watch us as much as we watch them, they also seem to play with us in a sense that they will disappear for a while and just as we swim off sure they don’t come back, they do, so everyone back to the cleaning station!! Naturally when we came up from this dive all wanted to go back there the next day! Even though the rest of the day brought sharks, turtles and even a spotted eagle ray, the evening’s topic was of course the Mantas. We continued our trip around Carp and Ngemelis, diving many walls with many Napoleon wrasses, turtles, spadefish and grey reef sharks. The night dive at Big Drop off stunned our divers with its amount of life, from sleeping turtles to hunting morays and everything in between.

Turtle palauOur guests kept to be stunned at Blue Corner: schools of fish, Napoleon Wrasse, fusiliers, snappers, barracudas, jacks and being close to so many grey and white tip reef sharks always had people telling us “Best dive EVER!” New Drop off and Turtle Cove were our next dives and were as awesome as the first one! German Channel was chosen for the night one: Eagle Ray, turtles, macro and many sharks. Not a bad day of diving as all agreed!

On the next day, we all agreed to come back to Blue Corner, then Blue Holes. To finish, the Palau Siren cruised towards Ulong where we had a very mild current at Ulong channel but once in the coral garden, this started to get stronger so we could enjoy a speedy drift past all the life surrounding us: grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, Napoleon wrasse, groupers, giant clams and of course the famous big lettuce-coral. To finish, we visited Jellyfish Lake and its millions of golden jellyfish! Then, Milky Way and its supposedly rejuvenating white clay. Not sure about that, what it’s sure, it turned them into 12 year old kids when a mud fight broke out!! Time to say Goodbye to our new friends and we hope to see them again soon.

We would like to congratulate Bob for his 300th dive, Leslie for her 100th one and Jason, Drew and Tom for their 50th!! Yeah!!

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