Sharks, Mantas and Nautilus!

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Sharks, Mantas and Nautilus!

Palau Siren and her crew was ready to welcome aboard a fantastic group of new adventurous divers. The check dive at Haf Adai wreck was an easy dive as all of our guests had been diving with Philippine Siren the week before: lion fish, pufferfish, fuseliers, sweetlips as well as shrimps, nudibranchs and pipefish. Then Buoy 6 wreck, as it is located in the middle of the channel, it allowed us to have a perfect drift dive watching turtles, trevallies, batfish and fuseliers passing by.

shark-in-palauAs our guests were still a little tired of their trip, they preferred to do a sunset Rock Island trip to finish their first day. Ray, the skiff driver, showed us some old WWII artifacts and places where sea snakes come out of the water at night time! After a long night of sleep, our guests were ready to dive! Sandy Paradise was full of grey reef sharks, school of barracudas, turtles and more schools of fish all over the place. Then, we enjoyed some time at Ulong beach with some drinks and snacks. Siaes Corner was on the schedule before coming back to Koror to pick up some guests that missed their Manila flight the day before. Once in Malakal, we dove Jake Sea plane and a night dive at Pinchers Lagoon.

Snapper Shcool PalauOnce we had everybody on board, Palau Siren was ready to continue her journey. WWII Iro Maru wreck first, then New Drop Off and famous Blue Corner. As always, it was a true aquarium: sharks, Napoleon wrasse, fusiliers, turtles, barracudas, snappers, jacks and trevallies. On the way back to the boat, we spotted and snorkeled with a Manta ray inside German Channel. What a great day!! For the night dive, Big Drop Off was on schedule: leaf scorpion fish, eels, crabs, shrimps and various nudibranch and flatworms.
Turtle cove was first on the list followed by Blue holes. For the next dive, one group went to Dexter`s Wall and the rest to Big Drop Off . On the way back we met again our big black friend in German Channel. Some of our guest took this opportunity to take some videos and pictures before going back to Palau Siren.

Nautilus Diver palauOn the next day, German Channel welcomed our guests with a bunch of schools of fish and gray reef sharks! At Turtle Cove, we had a Nautilius dive where we could take some great photos and videos of those weird looking creatures. Blue Corner then Ulong Reef for a night dive.
On our last dive day, we started with a nice drift dive and some shark action at Ulong Channel. Then Siaes Tunnel before Palau Siren lift sails back to Malakal where we did our final dive of the week: Chandelier Cave. The last activity of the trip was Jellyfish Lake and its milions of Golden Jellyfish.

Thank you all for this great week and I hope to see you soon!

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