Mystical mastigas and mantas

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Mystical mastigas and mantas

Wrasse PalauThe Palau Siren cruise started with 2 wrecks, both Helmet and Iro Maru offered incredible visibility, allowing us not only to enjoy the small critters but also the structures of the ships. The Siren sailed towards the German Channel where we arrived on time for a time in Muchacha, some joke about having brought some shrimps and other small animals on their wetsuits. After a delicious dinner prepared by Serge our Chef, the evening didn’t last very long. The big swell and waves from the surface made the Blue Holes unusually dark, but still amazing especially as three grey reefs and a turtle were waiting for us at the exit and Pedro the Napoleon wrasse greeted us just before the safety stop. More than 25 turtles in Dexter’s Wall before a relaxing dive in Fairyland and A sunset/night dive in New Drop off. Some wanted to do a movie night and started watching the Big Blue.

manta5-GermanChFlat sea, blue sky, sun high, sign of a very good day but we didn’t know how excellent it would be. At Virgin Blue Hole we descended vertically into the rich total darkness before seeing the exit, beautiful sensation. In Blue Corner we were surrounded by school of fish between the sharks and the Napoleon wrasse. In the afternoon German Channel was impressive with the famous manta, sharks, jacks. Four volunteers for the night dive in Big Drop Off made the right choice, it was my best one there with sharks, turtles, morays, crabs, shrimps, name it… There’s no better way to start the day than a dive in Blue Corner, Pedro and Haba the Napoleon wrasses were there with all their friends, after Ngedebus West and Turtle cove (where Bruno did his hundred’s dive, congratulations!) we went back there for a twilight dive. In the morning it rained a lot but, as they say, after the storm always comes the sun and it did… Another beautiful day in Paradise.

JellyFL PalauEarly morning in jellyfish lake when not even the rangers are there, only the unbelievable non stinging mastigias papua, some cardinal fish and the birds in the surrounding forest… And what best to come back on the Siren with the sails up? Sandy Paradise offered the best dive there in months, 2 yellow leaf scorpionfish instead of one, the usual sharks, barracudas, but most of all, we spent most of the dive following a school of more than 50 bumpheads parrotfish which were also followed by a curious Napoleon wrasse. Ulong Channel amazed by its beauty and diversity, voted dive site number 1 of the cruise. Some watched The Big Blue, some went to rest…

Group-Palau-Siren-LiveaboardLast day of diving started in Siaes Tunnel with its beautiful decorated dartfish and an hawksbill turtle leading us during 10 minutes. On the way back to Koror, our skiff driver found a floating hut from Indonesia but that didn’t stop our way towards the Teshio Maru, Jake’s seaplane. And Chandelier cave. Only Rudolf and his camera signed up for the muck night dive in Sam’s wall. BBQ was on and the latest birds went to bed after 1am… Palau is magic and as the General said “I shall return!”. Thanks to an amazing relaxed last trip on the Siren with a funny and professional crew, Captains Daeng and Henry, Serge, Andri, Sam, Pal, Reinfeld, Verni and Leo.


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