Braving the Storm in Palau

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Braving the Storm in Palau

Diver  Wreck palauThe Palau Siren crew and I eagerly awaited our next group of guest from Switzerland and the UK, they came rolling in at all hours of the day and night so we started off our first dive day of the trip on the later side of morning giving the guests a little more time to rest from their travels. As they started to show their grinning faces one by one, I could tell this was going to be a great trip. We headed out to the Helmet Wreck for dive one. Dive two took us to the geological wonder that is Chandelier Cave and our night dive was another round of Helmet Wreck followed by some awesome food and some cold beers to end the night.

Blue Holes PalauUlong Channel! Awesome first hook in for most of our divers this morning, Sharks, Tunas and loads of fish as we drifted through the channel. One of the divers was a little nervous to do Siaes Tunnel but quickly learned its not scary but awesome instead. Blue Corner delivered yet again another memorable dive packed with sharks and Napoleon wrasse, followed by a night dive at Big Drop Off. The next morning we woke up bright and early in search for mantas and dive with two for over an hour! One more dive at Blue Holes before it was time to head back to Malakal harbor and seek shelter from the coming typhoon. The guest disembarked for two nights in a Koror hotel to wait out the storm. A day and a half went by then we had our awesome guests back on the boat for some more fantastic diving!

sharks2 bluecornerWe sailed out to Two Dogs Island for our first dive at Turtle Cove; happily the vis and fish life seemed normal even the day after the storm! Blue Corner didn’t disappoint with yet again an awesome twilight dive full of fish and curious sharks shoaling in all directions. After the dive one of our guests, Marianne, told us she had just made her 777th dive with us! She celebrated by buying everybody a round of drinks. The next day we tried for mantas again, it was a success! The guest said how much they loved Blue Holes so we returned and drifted along to Blue Corner towards the end of the dive. We had a spectacular hook in at New Drop Off with an up current from the deep bringing the cool water for the sharks to play in. Later that night we tried out a night dive in the coral garden of German Channel, full of fish and macro life we had a fifty minute dive that felt like ten there was so much to see.

JellyFL PalauThe next day we took the Palau Siren around Peleliu Island to try our luck on Peleliu Wall and Orange Beach. The wall brought us crystal clear water and some great schools of snapper, hawksbill and green turtles seemed to be everywhere. Orange Beach was next on the list with its beautiful coral garden and WWII history. During the dive we saw numerous species of fish and found some bullets laying in the sand giving us a glimpse into the past. The divers awoke early the next day for a trip to the very special Jellyfish Lake. The guests liked it so much they spent two hours in the lake swimming in the jellyfish soup. Buoy Six was the next dive, offering some good current and plenty of soft and hard corals to explore as you whizzed by. We finished off the day with another dive at the Iro Maru and a Sam’s Wall night dive. Andre busted out the BBQ skills and whipped up some steak, ribs, tiger prawns and even a roasted turkey! Our last night was full of good food, good laughs and good friends. The crew and myself are looking forward to seeing all again someday here on the Palau Siren.

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