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10 Dive Days in Palau

Anna SharkThe divers from Sweden arrived on board the Palau Siren and after the briefings everybody scrambled to set up their gear for the next day, you could tell they were all eager to get in the water. Diving started the next morning with a check dive at the Haf Adai wreck then we cruised out of the harbour straight to Ulong Island for a relaxed dive at Sandy Paradise. We hit Ulong Corner for the night dive in search for sharks and that’s exactly what we found; white tip and grey reef sharks graced us with their presence! The next day we woke up bright and early and took everybody to Ulong Channel, the gentle current allowed the groups to cruise through and check out the largest lettuce coral formation in the world. After breakfast we took the dive tenders across the glassy water to Siaes Tunnel for an awesome swim through and more sharks and turtles. Dive three of the day was at Siaes Corner and then we sailed to Two Dogs Island and had an awesome night dive at German Channel with some great macro finds.

Anna NapoleonThe next morning the prefect crystal clear water of German Channel awaited, the dive was like swimming in an aquarium and afterwhich the guest were all smiles and said they could do that dive all day! But there are plenty of sites to visit and we knew we’d be back so we opted for Turtle Cove, with its pristine soft corals and huge sea fans. It delivered everything we could want; white tips, grey reefs and black tips all at once. Big Drop Off was next on the list and we all liked it so much we decided to revisit for a night dive. When we got back to our Siren liveaboard we celebrated Anders’ Birthday with some delicious food and cold beers to wash it all down. The famous Blue Holes was to be the site of yet another unforgettable dive the following morning, complete with schools of snapper and big eye jacks. Next was Blue Corner where we saw many grey reef sharks and white tips all over the place and were greeted by some very friendly Napoleon wrasse, while hooked in, several Vlamming’s doctor fish playing in the divers’ bubbles. Dive 3 of the day was briefed as New Drop Off but as the dive tenders cruised through German Channel we saw mantas from the boat, which stopped us in our tracks. Plan Change. Wwe hopped in the current to find three huge mantas feeding on the surface. Another great dive day ended with a night dive at Barnum’s Wall.

Anna MantaWe headed to Peleliu to drop off 12 guests who had opted to take a land tour, while the rest of us went for an adrenaline -filled current dive on the Peleliu Express. After the dive we headed back to the south dock for some sun and good conversation waiting for the land tour guest to meet up with us for our second dive of the day at Orange Beach. This site was where the Americans landed in their mission to take the island, which means the sea bed is littered with WWII artifacts making for a memorable dive – especially for Nelly, Stina and Anna who celebrated their 100th, 200th and 300th dives in traditional style!! Orange Beach is a very easy dive; so much so that these experienced divers went along unguided…hence you’ll have to ask for their piccies for proof of tradition! We headed back to the Palau Siren for lunch then divided the groups between New Drop Off and German Channel for 2 awesome dives! Thirty grey reef sharks were busy hunting at New Drop Off, whilst at German Channel the three big mantas had returned for a clean and feed – staying with the divers for over an hour!

Anna JellyfishThe much anticipated Jelly Fish Lake day arrived with the group delighting in the snorkeling amidst the non-stinging mastigas! Then we took the Siren through the beautiful Rock Islands back to Malakal Harbour. At Short Drop Off we once again had the chance to dive with alien like creatures from the deep, the Nautilus then after lunch we set out for the Japanese oil ship, Iro Maru, where the viz was 25 meters and the tornado of big eye jack was simply fantastic. Our final dive of the trip was a night dive on the famous Helmet Wreck, after which we headed back to the boat to be greeted by the crew and Michelle who had some cold beers and some hot chocolate for the thirsty divers. Our last night onboard was the filled with good friends and great food from Sergio’s BBQ completing another successful trip here on the Palau Siren.

Photos courtesy of Anna Vicker

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