Philippine Siren Diving Palawan, Bosuanga, Apo reef and Anilao

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Philippine Siren Diving Coron Wrecks Apo reef and Anilao

candace-erik-victoris-dennisOur 10 day cruise left from Coron on the 08th of December on our luxurious Phinisi Schooner “Philippine Siren”. On board we had 10 divers from America and all brought good humor and spirits as well as plenty of liveboard experience along. Ginny and Dennis were the two group leaders and I think you almost can call them “legends in the dive industry”, so the whole trip was marked with lots of stories and laughter, and everybody was up for everything as long as it involved fantastic diving and a good cocktail in the evening!

wreck2-reWe started our diving adventure in Coron (Palawan) were we stayed for 3 days. Followed by Dimipac + Dimacya Island (Bosuanga) for 1 day, Apo Reef (Mindoro Occidental) for 2 days, and finished our last 4 days in Anilao (Batangas). The Coron – Batangas itinerary offers a wide variety of dive sites starting with the wrecks in Coron Bay. Remains and reminders of WWII, these wrecks, which were sunk mainly in 1944, rest in peace now and have created an artificial reef which is home to soft and hard corals and a vast quantity of aquatic live. We had several Japanese cargo vessels and gun boats on our agenda, but after 2 days the group developed an interesting theory over dinner…. Dennis, Craig, Rick and Allen were convinced that we had been diving the same wreck the last two days over and over again, and our guides Donato and Philip were turning and flipping it around in secret when everybody else had a nap. During the third day “evidence” for this theory was presented, as we were told that they discovered our “secret” as the whole group checked and discovered the mysterious wreck tucked underneath the hull of the Philippine Sirenstored away for the next group…LOL

GinnyCraigErikLeaving this wild story behind we traveled to Dimipac & Dimacya Island, where the majority of the Group decided to skip the night dive and visit the bar at Club Paradise instead, thanks Dirk & Loida for the invitation! Only the hard core conducted the night dive and the rest of the evening each party tried to convince each other that they had more fun… Apo was as spectacular as ever, with many reef sharks and rays, wonderful healthy reefs and big schools of barracudas, jacks and snappers.

Dennis-drinkIn Anilao we had our grand finale, with several black sand and reef dives. The abundance of critters on the black sand dives was spectacular, only Louis was not convinced about this whole “sand diving thing” telling us, that these dives would be great if there would be less black sand… But as we conducted many fantastic reef dives as well, everybody was more than happy!! Unfortunately the whole wreck theory came back up, as the group was now convinced that we not only store this ominous wreck underneath the Philippine Siren, but also keep a black giant frog fish there which we kept showing them during the last 3 days on different dive sites… OK guys, here we go, you caught us! But I am not telling you what else we store underneath the Philippine Siren! 🙂 During dives and creating wild theories we were spoiled with delicious meals from Jimmy and Boy, and enjoying there entertaining meal briefings. Also lots of relaxing opportunities were given, either in the comfy Salon, outside in the dining area or on our large sundeck, reading books, editing pictures or simply having a nap.

CrewsingingChristmasSongsOn some of the evenings Victoria, Candace, Mary, Ginny and Dennis joined the crew during their Christmas song rehearsal and sinning happily along, until Dennis decided it was enough with the Christmas songs and swopping over to the Beatles…

A really enjoyable trip with lots and lots of laughter, dive stories and wild theories! I truly hope to see you all again in the future!





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