Philippine Siren in Southern Visayas

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donatos-wall2-2Philippine Siren in Southern Visayas

Our Cruise left from Cebu on the 8th of October for a10 day trip on our 40m long luxurious Phinisi Schooner “Philippine Siren”, trough the Southern Visayas region. Our tour, starting in MactanCebu, took us to Cabilao, followed by Panglao, Moalboal, Pescador and Sumilon Island to Dauin, Apo and Balicasag.


Pescador312Our 13 guests on board came from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Sweden and USA. Soon everybody was happily chatting away with everyone, and as there have been so many different nationalities most of the talking was done in English of course. But given the fact that Germany, Switzerland and Austria share the same language an interesting dynamic developed during the trip. These divers also started to talk in English to each other just down to the fact that these three countries have so strong and different dialects that the group started being “lost in translation” which each other….which of course led to many funny misunderstandings which specially amused Simon from the UK, as he couldn’t understand that there are so many words for one and the same thing…

Atmosphere5The diving of the trip was fantastic and offered a lot of variety. Great Macro: Spanish dancer, all sorts and sizes of nudibranchs and frogfish, leaf fish, blue ring octopus, seahorse, cuttle fish, robust and ornate ghost pipe fish, followed by Wide Angle: thresher shark, big school of sardines, barracuda, jacks and trevallies…just to mention a few…
Throughout the day and in the evenings, lively talks about camera lenses, strobe positions and picture settings were hold over excellent prepared meals by our famous cooks Jimmy and Boy, only being paused for the dinner briefings: …beginning with “Philippine steamed rice” and ending with “what are you waiting for”…!
Once the camera talk was getting too long, too technical or both, the rest of the divers decided to chill out on the sundeck with Noel’s fabulous cocktails, sharing dive stories and many good laughs. One evening we even were entertained with some “synchronal railing jumping”, followed of course by lots and lots of advice from the rest…

balicasagblack forest1On the last day of the cruise, Jennie was so nice by putting together a picture slideshow, asking all photographers to donate the best 10 pictures of the cruise. It was a great success, with excellent underwater pictures and awesome shots of the boat under full sails, divers in “action” and the crew. Thanks Jennie!
Ralf also managed to get some “interesting” shots, as he decided to take down an empty water bottle on a dive to attract some sharks. Choosing the “wrong” dive site to do so, he soon realised that his success rate was down to zero, so he decided to fix the bottle on a piece of rope and hang it on various divers tank valve instead… After taking a picture, he than showed it to the diver who was always quite confused about the weird dangling device that was suddenly floating over the head…

A truly enjoyable trip with excellent dives and great fun! Hope to see you all again in the future, so: What are you waiting for!



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