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Photography Workshop in the Philippines

group picScuba Travel Scandinavia ambassadors, Jennie Soriano and Anders Salesjö joined the Philippine Siren to lead 16 swedish photographers on this 10-night liveaboard safari. After a light lunch prepared by Jimmy and Boy,our chefs, the guests take some time to get to know the boat and set up their equipment and have a nap. We didn’t want to get too tired as during the trip there was to be a photo workshops and presentations about photo editing, composition and strobe lightening. Since there are many advantages of knowing more about the behaviour of the animals, the divers also learned about potentially dangerous species, distinguishing different types of turtles focusing on Green and Hawksbill that are most common to the Visayas and also how to behave responsibly when taking pictures.

pescadorThe Southern Visayas is well known for the rich biodiversity, healthy reefs and a variety of topography from plateaus, slopes, walls, muck diving and drift dives. All of which were set to show up all the splendor of life in the region. Our cruise schedule brought us to Cabilao Island, Balicasag, Dauin, Apo Island, Pescador Island, Moalboal, Sumilon and Oslob.


whale sharkWhale sharks, school of sardines, barracudas, tunas, big mouth mackerels, fusiliers, trevallies and snappers were some of the pelagic species seen and photographed by the group. The odd-shaped benthic fish included many varieties of frogfish; giants, grey, black, brown and painted as well as pipefish, sea horses, pegasus seamoth, leaf fish, stone fish, crocodile snake eels and even an Ambon scorpion fish! Molluscs and crustaceans were many with all manner shrimps, crabs, nudibranchs, octopus and cuttlefish.

grouperWith such variety our photographers worked very diligently to capture some amazing images. All photos within this blog are courtesy of Jennie Soriano. Thanks Jennie!

The crew from Phillipine Siren and I hope to see you soon on board, here or in another of the three destinations in Philippines: Tubbataha, Apo-Coron-Batangas or Southern Leyte. Thank you for an amazing trip!!!

If you would like to join another of our photography workshops in the Philippines please contact our reservations team for further details

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