Frogfish, whaleshales and great muck diving

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Frogfish, whaleshales and great muck diving…

Philippine Siren and her crew were happy to welcome aboard her new guests from USA, UK, France, Slovenia, South-Africa and Monaco. After every one was on board, we left Cebu to Cabilao Island where we did our first three dives of the trip: Talisay Tree, Gorgonian Wall and Lighthouse. The weather was excellent and the dives too! Seamoths, bargibanti and pygmy seahorses!

smashing-mantis-shrimpsOn the next day, we arrived to Balicasag. A lovely island with approximately 1000 people, nice beach and excellent diving. This time, we choose to dive Black Forest, Divers Heaven and Cathedral. In Black Forrest we had a lot of different species of nembrothas, some of them really huge. Divers Heaven was full of frogfish and turtles!!! Cathedral and its wall always amazes our divers. We were back to Black Forest for the night dive where we saw a huge variety of crabs: decorator,sponge,boxcrabs.
Nature was on our side so Siquior was on the schedule for the next day. The first 2 dives were at Paliton Wall, then we dove Coco Grove where we say critters such as cuttlefish and spearing mantis shrimps.

At Apo Island, we did three great dives where everybody enjoyed the great scenery that was full of turtles, sea snakes, nudibranches and schools of antrax, pyramids butterflyfish. For the night dive, we chose San Miguel: bobtail squid, flambayant cuttlefish and cockatoo waspfish.

Frogfish-SticklerMore muckdiving in Dauin for the next day. Thorny seahorses, painted seahorses, painted frogfish, giant frogfish, flambloyant cuttlefish, giant octopus were waiting for us at Kabayo Point, Cars, Ceres and Pyramids.
Oslob and its whalesharks is always the favourite moment of the week for our guests. This time, 10 whalesharks! After all this excitement, we continued our cruise towards Balacisag where we dove Diver’s Heaven and Black Forest. There, we saw giant frogfish, turtles and nudibranchs.

The trip was coming to its end and Cabilao was on schedule where we saw nudibranch and a school of squids at Pangangang. Gorgonian Wall and Lighthouse where also great dives. Talisay Tree was chosen for the night dive. For our last day of diving, we went to Mactan Island where we dove Talima and Tambuli. The visibility was great and there were a lot of things to see. What a perfect way to finish our trip!

Thanks guys for the trip and hope to see you again!!!!

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