Raja Ampat… Divers’ heaven! Mantas, sharks, huge school of fish, macro and amazing healthy reefs!

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Raja Ampat… Divers’ heaven! Mantas, sharks, huge school of fish, macro and amazing healthy reefs!

The Indo Siren was happy to welcome on board a group of 15 Australian. Many of them were repeat guests and they were all very excited to dive Raja Ampat on board the Indo Siren. Most of them already knew each other already so there was much to catch up with their friends.
First day ,we started with Daram Islands in the south of Raja Ampat. Here we already could encounter denise, bargabanti and misool pigmy sea horse, beautiful coral reefs and schooling fish.

uw1Next on our schedule was Magic Mountain where we were lucky and had 3 oceanic Manta!!! Followed by Boo West, an amazing coral dive with sharks and hawksbill turtle. For the 3rd dive of the day, we moved the Indo Siren to Boo Window . At the the night dive at Yellit besar, we saw many small creatures such as marble shrimps.

On request of our guest, we went one more time to Magic Mountain. Magic again… mantas, sharks, and morning feeding. Then, we dove at Nudi Rock where we could encounter many different nudibranchs and more pigmy sea horses. For the 3rd dive and the night dive, we went to Barracuda Rock and explored plenty of shrimp, crabs, scorpion fish and giant moray eels.

UW5At Wedding cake, the vibrantly colored corals and schools of brilliant fish were breathtaking. Gorgonian Passage was a nice drift dive watching stunning corals. Ah, but the most exciting dive of the day was Dunia Kecil! Many nudibranchs and other creatures made this dive exciting! After that dive, we went for a lagoon tour including watching the sunset on a beach. Beautiful!!! For the night dive of the day, we chose Wedding Cake were we saw many turtles!

Early morning, the Indo Siren set sail to Wagmab where we started with Wagmab Wall where we saw Mobulas hunting sardines. After breakfast, we went for an exploration at Farondi lagoon including a visit in the bat cave. Our second dive was at Three Sisters where we could encounter wobbegong, bargabanti pigmy seahorse, candy crab, orangutan crab and lobsters.

UW2After 14 hours of driving we arrived in Penemu where we had our first dive at Melissa’s Garden. The dive was an amazing fish soup with wobbegong sharks. Wow. After Breakfast, we took our guest to Bintang Lagoon with the 300 steps walk up to enjoy the view over the islands. The following divers were also amazing with more wobbegong sharks, huge encounter with nudibranchs and flatworms. For the night dive, we went to Mangrove Ridge with nudibranchs, lion fish and other night creatures. It was a gorgeous day with a lot of sun and our guests with a big smile!

Lalosi was the first dive on the following day. The site offered a fish soup with wobbegong sharks. Then, everybody was excited to dive at Manta Sandy. We had more than 10 Mantas dancing for us. Our night dive at Aborek Jetty was satisfying with walking sharks and juvenile pinnate batfish.

g2The next day, we started very early and left the boat at 5 am to see the Birds of Paradise. The guests who didn’t joined us went for a dive at Friwen Bonda. Blue Magic was next on the dive schedule, with huge tuna, spanish mackerel and 2 frog fish. The next dives were at Dampier Straight with black tips, white tips and small creatures like bobtail squid and pigmy octopus.

For the last day of diving, we started with Blue Magic and Cape Kri for the final dives for big creatures like sharks, schooling bumpheads and huge Wahoo. We also went for a bit of beach time to Mioskon before we head back to Sorong.
Unfortunately it was time to say Good Bye. Time for a group picture and say thank you to our guest for a wonderful trip! See you soon and Aussi, Aussi, Aussi… he,he,he

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