Raja Ampat is a fish soup par excellence!

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The Indo Siren was ready to start her second trip diving in Raja Ampat with a new group of international divers! Especially 2 very special guests that are in fact part of the Siren Family – Mary and Karl Heinz who joined us for their 12th trip with us!


After a smooth and quite drive during the night our first day of diving started in the Daram area. Candy store, Andiamo and Living Colors offered us clear visibilities and already the first mantas for our guests. In the early evening cruising towards Yellit our guests could enjoy the sunset.

the sunset

Next morning just with the rising sun we started our first dive with Boo East. Pigmy seahorses and wobbegong sharks made it to a perfect start in the day. Later on, we dived Nudi Rock and Whale Rock  where our guests could encounter the richness of Raja Ampat. Our first night dive let us encounter pygmy squids, shrimps and many decorated crabs.


In Wayil Batan, we could encounter schooling fish, amazing coral formations and more of the special and small pygmy sea horse. In the evening, our guests decided not to do the night dive and instead we went for a lagoon tour with beach time.

denise pygmy

After a good night sleep, we stayed for 3 more dives in Wayil Batan and dived Four Kings and Gorgonian Passage. Huge marble rays, many big barracudas, and fish hunting shows combined with clear and calm water made the dives stunning.
Our third dive of the day and the night dive were at Kalig Island . We split up our night divers and one group went only with ultra violet lights. Wow… encountered florescence of skeleton shrimps and much more.


Magic Mountain, Boo Windows and Yellit Kecil, the next morning showed us some pretty cool Oceanic Mantas, grey reef sharks and schooling fish. Our night dive finished the day with many small night creatures.


For our last day diving the south of Raja Ampat, we chose Balbuhol . Antichovey showed us schooling fish and beautiful coral. In Venus Hill and Love Potion we could explore one more time the beautiful reef formations. Also a nice posing reef octopus came along.

school of reef in raja ampat

After 14 hours crossing we reached our destination Penemu. Sun was shining and lighted up Melissa’s Garden for us. Wobbegong sharks, hard coral formations and the beautiful environment of Penemu enjoyed our guests’ eyes today. As special this evening we went to the Bintag Lagoon with the hilltop and sun set on the beach. Amazing.


Slowly on our way back we needed to stop for one dive in Yanggefo and his beautiful mangroves. Second dive at Manta Sandy showed us more than 8 Mantas getting cleaned.  Aerborek Jetty showed us quite a few creatures you only find on Jetty’s .  Keep on moving during sun set light to the east of Dampier Strait. Last night dive at Friwen Bonda with shrimps, crabs and nudibranchs.


Unfortunatly our last day of  diving started and we decided for Cape Kri and Mioskon.  Our last 2 dives offered us fish soup par excellence.  Wow what a finish.
Thank you everyone for this awesome trip! We hope to see you soon!

 group crew with stephen

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