Raja Ampat is just fabulous!

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Raja Ampat is just fabulous!

On 11 of January we got a mixed group with Americans, Canadiens, Belguims, Germans and Brazielians. After arrival and the first orientation on board the guests had time to relax and create first relationships. At 18.30 Siren set sail and moved over night to Daram Islands in south Raja Ampat.
We arrived at our first stop just in time to enjoy the sunrise over Daram Islands. The diving, however, was spectacular. Minutes into our check dive at Candy Store, we spotted our first Denise pygmy seahorse camouflaged in a sea fan. The excitement continued with barded scorpionfish, peacock mantis shrimps and many different nudi branches. Our second dive at Andiamo was all about the the coral…soft coral, gorgonians and black coral. For our afternoon dives, we went to living colors… a dive site beautiful colourful corals and a lot of fish. Erol even found a boxer crab. WOW! After this 3 dives Siren moved to Yellit to stay overnight.

grey-reef-sharksAfter a restful night’s sleep at Yellit, we started our day of diving with Yellit Kecil. We always enjoy the soft corals and wonderful coral bommies at this site. We then moved the Siren to Magic Mountain where we enjoyed schooling fish and sharks. At Boo Windows, we saw a bit of everything: pygmy seahorse, gray reef shark, schools of trevallies and an Eagle Ray. Dive no 7 was a sunset dive. So we could see how fish go sleeping and the night life wakes up. Absolutely magnificent.

Our guests are loving the warm, clear water of our first dive at Wedding Cake, where we got a taste of the richness of corals in Raja Ampat. Our second dive at Small World was also a nice cruise around the divesite. Barracuda Roch was dive no 10 and 11. Timo and Erol delivered the hole wish list of the our guests… Blue ringed octopus, red painted frogfish and walking shark. FABULES!

pic41Our guests greeted the new day with a big smile and a dive at Gorgonian Passage. We then moved the Siren into Fiabacet where we had a fantastic dive on Nudi Rock. Dive no 14 was at Whale Rock with turtles, napoleaons and many different shrimp and anemonies. The night dive we went to Yellit besar to look for more walking sharks and shrimp.

Early morning we moved Indo Siren 2 hours more norths to Farondi where we started with Wagmab Wall. Second dive at three sisters and again MOBULAS also spotted wobbegong shark, walking shark and 34 pygmy seahorse in 1 sea fan! Then it was on to dive Cave and wall. Stunning day!!!  We began our first full day in northern waters with a visit to Mayhem. It was quite a challenge with strong current. After that we moved siren in a beautiful Mangrove Lagoon from where we went to Citrus ridge and Mangrove ridge. Then it was time to leave the brilliant surrounding and go to Saonek for awesome night dive

We started the day with a beautiful sunrise and a dive at Mioskon. After that we went to Blue magic the highlight of the day. After this 2 dives we already encountered 4 wobbegong shark or how the people say “wobbeligong” Dive 3 at friwen Bondo and the night dive at yembeser jetty just made the day perfect.
Early morning we moved Siren to Manta Sandy where we could enjoy 2 dives with Mantas! Ater that in the Afternoon we went to Arborek for the third and fourth dive. Mantas and a amazing night dive satisfied our guest completely so that they went with a big smile to bed

Group-pic-docOur last day of diving had plenty of excitement to offer. We began with a return to Blue magic. . Later that morning, we cruised with the current along the colourful reef of cape Kri. With a very rich amount of fish we finished our dives for this week. Than it was time to go back to Sorong. Our guest were sitting together and chat about the fantastic week we had.
We could not have asked for a better group of divers to help us bid farewell to Raja Ampat for 2014. We will be sad to see them go, and we hope to see them all again soon. Perhaps in Komodo!

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