Raja Ampat: The Kingdom of Wobbegong sharks!

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Raja Ampat: The Kingdom of Wobbegong sharks!

The Indo Siren and her crew welcomed on board a new group of American, British, French and German divers ready to dive Raja Ampat. After arrival and the first orientation on board the guests had time to relax and to catch up with their new friends. Many of them dove already with the Siren Fleet somewhere else and were now very excited with their new dive adventure on board the Indo Siren. Once everything was ready, the Indo Siren set sails and moved over night to Daram Islands in the south of Raja Ampat.

denise pygmy seahorse01We arrived at our first stop just in time to enjoy the sunrise over Daram Islands. The diving was spectacular! Minutes into our check dive at Candy Store, we spotted our first Denise pygmy seahorse camouflaged in a sea fan. The excitement continued with barded scorpionfish, peacock mantis shrimps and many different nudibranches. For our second and third dive we moved to Balbulol area and enjoyed dives with fantastic coral and scenery.

After this, Wayill Batan was on our schedule with 2 beautiful dives with many soft corals, gorgonias and many fish. After those two stunning dives at Dunia Kecil and Wedding Cake, we did our third dive of the day at Barracuda Rock. The Highlights of this great diving day were walking sharks, draw cuttlefish and stunning colourful overhangs. In the evening our guest were sitting and chatting about the exciting diving day!

DSC 0634Our guests greeted the new day with a big smile and a dive at Gorgonian Passage. We then moved the Indo Siren into Fiabacet where we had a fantastic dive on Whale Rock. The next dive was at Nudi Rock with a special challenge of strong current. For the night dive, we went for a relaxing dive at Yellit Besar to look for more shrimp and octopus

At Warakaraket, we dove Yellit kecil, Boo Windows and Boo east. The highlights of the day were ordinate ghost pipe fish, turtles, black tip reef sharks and colourful landscapes. After those first exciting days of diving in the South of Raja Ampat, the Indo Siren set sails overnight to the North of Raja Ampat.

wobbegong-sharkAfter cruising the whole night, we arrived just in time for the sunrise! We started the day with two dives at Manta Sandy. For some of our guests, it was their first time they were seeing mantas! After those amazing dives, we toped it up with Arborek Jetty. Wobbegong shark, bobtail squid and robust pipefish joined in. Stunning day!!!

The next day, we started with a stunning dive at Melissa’s Garden. After breakfast we went to Star Lagoon where walked up the hill and enjoyed an amazing view over the lagoon. For the second dive of the day, we went to Ruva’s Island a beautiful hard coral reef and the third dive was at Rainbow wall. After those amazing dives everybody was satisfied so went to a beach and watched the sun set instead of a night dive

Penemu-group-picThe next day, we started with Lalosi which mean Fusilier in English. After the first dive we moved the Indo Siren into a beautiful Mangrove Lagoon and dove Citrus Ridge and Mangrove Ridge. For the night dive we went to back to Mangrove Ridge. Amazing day with wobbegong sharks, ordinate eagle ray and robust ghost pipe fish.
For our last day of diving, Dampier Strait was on our schedule. We first dove Blue Magic and then Sardine Reef. In both dives, we saw a lot of fish and sharks. In the afternoon ,we dove Mioskon which was for many of our guest the highlight of the day! A true aquarium! We decided then to repeat the dive spot for our last night dive of these 10 night charter: many wobbegongs and sleeping reef fish.

All good things have an end! It was a great trip! I hope you had as fun as I had! Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon on board!

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