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Our group arrived into Sorong ready to board the Indo Siren for what was to be another awesome dive trip in Raja Ampat. We spent a restful morning with briefings, equipment set up and harbor clearance with the first Bintangs being tested before we began our cruise to Daram in the Misool region. After a comfortable ride we began our dives at Living Colors, Candy Store and Andiamo. Great viz and a big schools of fish, octopus, pygmy seahorse and of course the stunning corals!

wobbegong2At Yilliet Kecil the next day we enjoyed diving through the soft corals and marveled at the huge gorgonians along the wall before reaching the bommies at the plateau – a great dive to start our third day. At Magic Mountain we encountered great viz and almost no current but still saw schools of jacks & batfish, stonefish, black and white tip sharks and our first wobbegong shark for this trip. Calls came to make this dive again, however with so many great sites in Raja Ampat we opted to dive Boo Windows instead and return to Magic Mountain the next day. The light was hitting “the Windows” in spectacular fashion and even the fish were not scared away by our two divers who wore “man-kinis” for the fun of it! A night dive at Boo Window was awesome with turtle, wobbegong and a “walking” epaulette shark. After dinner some stargazing with a Bintang on the sundeck had us all in a very relaxed and happy mood.

pygmy tinyWe kick started the day with our promised return to Magic Mountain and this time a manta ray was passing by. WOW. The Indo Siren then cruised up to Fiabacet for dives at Nudi Rock – where it was necessary for me to explain to this fun loving prankster group that its not called “Nudi Rock” because you have to dive nude… but rather the island itself has the shape of a nudibranch!! The following day was April 1st, so I was left wondering what pranks might be in store for the crew and me during this day! But all passed without incident and we had some fabulous dives at Dunia Kecil, Wedding Cake and Barracuda Rock with sightings of pygmy seahorses, octopus and nudibranchs. There was also plenty of time in between to enjoy kayaking through the amazing scenery of Wayal Batang. Very very fishy dives ensued the following day at Venus Hill & Love Potion, whilst at No Contest the current had picked up and it was time to get the reef hooks out and enjoy the show. The day finished up with bintangs and Malibu enjoyed in our natural “pool bar” amidst the stunning lagoon, before we began our long cruise north to Waigeo.

beach bbqThe crossing took a little longer than usual but we arrived still in good time for our dive at Lalosi where we saw wobbegong sharks, crocodile fish and a huge school of fusiliers. Next up we moved into the mangrove area of Yangeffo and Gam, which is quickly becoming a favourite area of our guests. We dived Citrus Ridge & Mayhem for the stunning corals and diverse fish species before finishing up with a sunset dive spotting mandarin fish mating. After all the diving excitement we headed to the best for a BBQ of lamb, pork, shrimps and steaks accompanied by some fire-breathing and dancing by our fabulous crew!

underthepierThe day to dive Manta Sandy had arrived- simply WOW! 2 spectacular 80-minute dives were enjoyed with mantas all around, passing over our heads, dipping into the cleaning station – its was really great to sit and watch this display. The yacht then moved to Arborek to dive the Jetty for the soft corals and cloud of jacks that like to hang out there. A manta ray cruised by too. WE returned there for our night dive.

groupDiving the Dampier Strait was next with Blue Magic, loads of great stuff seen – from pygmy seahorses to wobbegong sharks; the highlight though was a huge oceanic manta ray circling above us. We opted to dive here again the following day for our last dives of this liveaboard safari – and it was certainly a good choice! Schools of trevally, wobbegongs, epaulette sharks and the return of the oceanic manta made the last dives of our trip super special. Thanks to all from the ScubaX Travel group for making a fun trip with me and crew of Indo Siren – we hope to enjoy some more laughs with you again!!!!!!

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