Dive dreams in vivid color…

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Dive dreams in vivid color….

Indonesian soft coral by Ken KnezickFor our latest adventure aboard the Indo Siren we welcomed guests from America and Canada, who had arrived in Sorong early morning on the fourth of March, together with tour leader, Ken Knezick of Island Dreams Travel. So after the boat briefings, paperwork, a filling breakfast and time to relax, we completed the setting up of dive equipment in preparation to depart. In our last Indo Siren Liveaboard dive trip report, we had two wonderful dives on Two Tree Island with a ‘sardine-run’ we decide to go there directly and hope the bait-ball were still there.

Turtle by Ken Knezick

After a smooth ride to Misool we arrived at Two Tree Island and plunged in – And yeah they were still there! A huge school of sardines was being stalked by mobula rays and jacks, with other big predatory fish all in the hunt!! What a awesome check dive and way to start our trip. As we say In Holland, “A good start is half the job!”

Sardines stalked by mobular rays by Ken KnezickOf course we did our second dive there too, though the current had strengthened and regrettably not everyone was be able to see the spectacle of the hunt again, but still enjoyed this beautiful dive site. We finished with our first diving day in Yellit Kecil with great macro, such as pygmy seahorses and colorful nudibranch.

Raja Ampat liveaboard divingSecond day again gave us a top-program! We started with an exhilarating ride on Magic Mountain, as a huge manta was getting attention at a cleaning station, plus lots of other activities to enjoy. Then Boo West and Boo Windows continued this perfect start, with all a wide varieties of life from the very small like the pygmy seahorse, to large marine life. 

The next day we anchored in Fiabacet, and made all our dives in this famous area with notable dive sites: Tank Rock, Nudi Rock and Whale Rock. Everybody was so impressed by the general health of the reef, the amazing colors of the soft corals and the enormous amount of fish. On our third dive we also experienced the current that can be strong in this area. After the night dive, we moved onto Wayal Batan, where we had our next day’s dives at Wedding Cake and Dunia Kecil.

On the 9th march we drove to Farondi, although the viz was lower due to the darkness, everybody really appreciated the beauty of the wall there! Between the dives we visited the ‘bat cave’ and its amazing structures! A stunning sunrise greeted us the following morning and after some cloudy days this was more than welcomed. Our first dive on No Contest was amazing, everything was perfect – current, visibility, light, all soft corals open and schools of fish – beautiful! The theme continued throughout the day’s dives with wobbegong, epaulette shark, the list endless. After a relaxing swim in the stunning environment if the lagoon, we started our trip to the north of Raja Ampat;Waigeo.

Indonesia citrus garden dive site by ken knezickOnce we arrived in Waigeo, between the islands of Yangeffo and Gam, where there are many mangrove, some guests jumped straight in for a snorkel. We made our first dive on the amazing Citrus Ridge, named after the orange, pink, yellow and green soft corals that cover the entire area, we also spotted a fav again, the wobbegong. After our divers were back aboard we made for Lalosi, a beautiful submerged reef with abundant marine life. Whilst everyone was still savoring the delights from the plunge, Indo Siren positioned herself for the next highlights to cap a wonderful day, with the evening dive providing frogfish and toadfish, among many others!

Manta by Ken KnezickWe then cruised to Manta Sandy, and at the cleaning station where we spotted between seven to 10 mantas. With all the beaming faces back on the boat we moved onto Blue Magic, a long finger-shaped reef sloping down to points with hard and soft corals, sea fans and black coral bushes, followed by Mioskon. These great dives, in quick succession, show the environmental diversity that Raja Ampat has to offer.

For our last dives of the adventure, we remained in the Dampier Strait and visited Sardine Reef, with its white and black tip sharks. Then to Cape Kri and the beautiful hard corals there to cap off a fantastic 10 days of superb diving. The last couple of hours on ship, were deafeningly quiet as the guests pondered disembarking. That was shattered however, as we reached Sorong’s harbor with a special dinner to celebrate our amazing trip!

Thank you to all of our guests from Island Dreams for making it such a great trip on the Indo Siren – we hope to see you all again very soon!!!

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