Rays, sharks, macro and schools of fish this week! Just Awesome!

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Rays, sharks, macro and schools of fish this week! Just Awesome!

Welcome aboard! The Indo Siren Liveaboard had a full 16 returning Polish guests on board ready to dive Komodo! Everyone was so excited being on board and ready to unpack. It was actually a quick one as they seemed to know the drill. Introduction, safety drill, and general dive briefing were done. So, we were ready to go diving!


On the first dive day, we started our first and second dives at Bonto Reef, Sangeang island. Wow! We spotted a lot of creatures for the first day. Everybody enjoyed to get wet so that they familiarized with their buoyancy and guides. After lunch, we moved over to Gili Banta for the third dive at K2. Everyone seemed amazed with the corals. What a great start in the week. Some did a night dive at west side of Banta island, called Stargazer beach or some called it Circus. Yes, we did find the stargazer and stonefish.

corals and school fish

Next day, we were still in North West of Komodo. We did our first dive at Coral Garden where the corals were stunning. Everyone fitted in wide angle for their cameras and they were gorgeous. We moved to Gili Lawa Laut to do our second dive of the day at Castle Rock. Water was clear and there were plenty of fishes as everyone were keen to see big creatures. Then, we dove in Crystal Rock for the third dive to see amazing creatures. Yay! Pygmy yellow pygmy seahorses were still there. The guests were so excited and can’t stop talked about it. Finally, to finish the day, we went to Gili Lawa Darat to hike up the hills and saw the sunset.


As the third day of the trip, we went to Crystal Rock as the first dive. Surprisingly the current changed so quickly, yet, everyone reached the second pinnacle. Great! Heaps of fishes including sweetlips, sharks, pygmy seahorse is still there, Morish idols, Damselfishes, Schooling of Giant trevalleys and many more.
Then, relax as usual with plenty of time to chill. Some had sunbathing until the crow came to pay us a visit. The second dive was at Shotgun, the channel between Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat. Amused and amazed was the look on their faces as it is common for strong current. But, the current was medium. They love it as we saw a Manta ray and 4 devil rays at the same time. Pursued to the third dive of the day, we tried to catch with falling tide at Tatawa Besar. Wohoo! Another Manta Ray passed by. Moray eels were there. The photographer group was so happy about this place as it fills with hard and soft corals, sharks, turtles, spadefishes, and many more. We finished our dive at Bidadari island, closed to Labuan Bajo to look for Nudibranches, and specifically looking for Rumengan’s pipehorse.

Manta 02

As the trip continues, the sunshine was bright and red. Such a beautiful morning as we crossed from Bidadari Island to Makassar Reef.  We dove in Batu Bolong twice. We hit in a very slow current from the north as the first dive and from the south as the second dive. We went around the rock. Some groups went around for 3 times. So many fishes in this site. School of Giant Trevalleys were there, a shark passed by, a turtle had its breakfast, many more to describe. It is true that some say, it is one of the signature dive site. The guests love it. The captain decided to anchor in Makassar Reef still as we plan to dive there for the third dive. The falling current was getting stronger. This was it! Perfect timing to go. How many manta rays did we see? At least all groups saw them…At least 10 manta rays. Nearly the end of the day, we went to Pink beach on Komodo island side for night dive. Someone actually asked for Bob-tail Squid, we found it, the other group found clown frog fish and a cuttlefish. By the time everyone came up from the dive, dinner was almost ready.


Next day, the sun was bright and up high. We didn’t start with diving instead we went to Komodo Island to watch the Dragons. Everybody was amazed by the Komodo dragons. After that beautiful scenery walk we dove at the front of Pink beach to see micros creatures. Since it was morning, the beach was actually glowed with beautiful pink color. Then we cruised down to south bay of Komodo. We dove in Phinisi wreck for the second dive and night dive of the day. At least, there’s  something different to see for the week.

komodo island

As the trip continues, we’re on south of Komodo Land to see Manta rays. Indeed, we went off to make our 2 dives at Manta Alley. No mantas on the first dive even though we had all the conditions to see them. On the second dive, we saw the mantas on the surface but, as soon as we got in, we saw one manta only. We cruised to Nusa Kode, south of Rinca, where the playground for small creatures. So, we dove in Cannibal Rock as the third dive. Yeeeeha! Frog fish spotted. For our night dive, we went to Torpedo Alley. There were many nudibranches such as T-bar, Nembrothas and such. Many bob-tail squids too. The atmoshphere were enlightened.


Big yawn from everyone! Our first dive was at Boulder. Many big boulders, hence the name. Many nudibranchs were on the request list. Hey! 3 sharks were there too. We came back to the ship and everyone keen to see the dragons again. Some stayed on board, some went. Our second dive was at Cannibal Rock with the current was a bit stronger. During lunch we went across to Padar island to do our third dive at Secret Garden. Well, it seemed not secret anymore once we surfaced. Frogfish was still there.


Wake up time to taste fresh air. We’re still at Padar island. They boys prepared the guests equipment and they set a buoy on a dive site called Three Sisters. What’s on the menu? Frogfish, a lot of nudibranchs, devil ray, and many more to be mentioned. Energy rose as we went to Makassar reef to see Manta Rays. This time there were many manta rays. Big smile on everyone for this dive site. Our third dive was at Shotgun with stronger current. Some did night dive at Coral Garden where macro creatures also can be found. What a day!

macro creatures

On last day, we’re still at North-West of Komodo Island. Gooooood Morning everyone! We went off to a dive site called Big Nose, It’s not look like a nose from nearby, but, if take a look from a distance, it looks like a humongous nose. Pygmy seahorses, here we come. As soon as we jump in, 2 eagle rays appeared followed by another 2 devil rays behind them. The current was slightly pushing, so we drifted away, but, managed to stop to see the beautiful Pygmy seahorses along the way. When we’re back, the sails were up. The guests rushed up to get change and back to the dinghy. Then we moved to Gili Banta. Last dive was at K2. Gosh! The biggest crocodile-fish, many Nudibranch too.

group the second 1

Time to clean equipment and set to go back to Bima city. Laze about was in everyone’s mind. Some got massages. The sunset was great, pictures time. Drinks were set and dinner was ready. That’s a happy ending for this trip. Thank you every one for this incredible trip! We hope to see you soon!

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