S/Y Palau Siren liveaboard diving in Komodo

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S/Y Palau Siren Liveaboard Diving in Komodo

palauSirenThis was a special trip for me. Firstly I love to dive in Komodo and this was the maiden voyage of our new luxury liveaboard S/Y Palau Siren. Frank and the boats building team did it again, with an amazing new vessel. After Frank gave the briefing to our first group of guests from Australia, all you could hear was “WAOH !!!” when we showed everybody their amazing cabins and the group had the chance to explore the yacht.

pygmy-kees2After our first lunch from Chef Iwan we made our first dive of the cruise at “The Unusual Suspects”; macro diving excellence. An early start the next day brought us to “Sangeang Island” where we did two dives, at first at “Techno Reef” and later after the big breakfast “The Estuary”. Both sites are amazing with the black volcanic sand and black coral bushes. Here we spotted different kinds of nudibranchs, frogfish and on The Estuary we found our first stable of pygmy seahorses. In the afternoon we stopped in Gili Banta for one dive at “K2” and were rewarded with a halimeda ghost pipefish. We finished our first diving day with a great night dive at “Coral garden”, with our divers being amazed at just how large the ”Spanish Dancer” nudibranch are here in Komodo. Other sightings of the day included hawksbill turtle and imperial shrimps.
manta komodoAfter a good night sleep we started our third day with a beautiful dive at “Coral garden” before we moved to “Castle Rock” for some shark action. Just a mild current meant only a few sharks around but the giant trevallies were definitely in a breakfast mood. We used the current and moved all the way south for an amazing dive at ‘Manta Alley”. At least 10 of these spectacular creatures cruised around us for the whole dive, simply magnificent. We skipped the night dive and moved back up north to Pink Beach for another good night sleep.
greennudiAfter our light breakfast we visited Komodo Island for a short walk through the bush, we saw a few dragons were awake and everybody got a good look at these magnificent animals but Bill came a bit close to one of the dragons and the park ranger nearly had a heart attack! Then it was time for a bit of current, Captain Deang moved the liveaboard yacht up north into “Current City” and we had some excitement at “Batu Bolong”. Everybody was up for more big fish action and we were rewarded with schools of giant trevallies at “Crystal Rock”, before moving into the GLL Bay for a relaxing sunset dive over beautiful hard corals.
ornateFor our last dive of this 5-night cruise we returned to “Castle Rock”. Early morning this dive site offers its best; the current was stronger than before and some of us had to swim a bit against it to reach the point of the action, but once there we were rewarded with several large grey reef sharks and 15 or more white tip reef sharks busy hunting or being cleaned. All too soon it was time to cruise back to Bima, but on the way we put our seven sails up and the luxury liveaboard “S/Y Palau Siren” showed off her beauty. Back in Bima we met up with our sister ship “S/Y Indo Siren” and enjoyed a final delicious and beautifully prepared dinner from Chef Iwan.
We hope to see you all again- “Sampai Jumpa Lagi”



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