Schools of 15 sharks and Mantas this week!

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The Fiji Siren welcomed on board an eclectic group of divers all ready for their live aboard dive vacations in Fiji! We decided that the first day we should get out and dive once we reached the Vatu-I-Ra Passage with Howards Diner, a nice easy dive with minimal current to get all divers back in the water and comfortable with everything. We spent the evening on Anchor in the passage as we would be diving the very next day at this location.

For the first real day of diving we dropped into some of our great sites in the passage area. We had Mellow Yellow with a beautiful giant trevally and magnificent hawksbill turtle and Black Magic Mountain where we had a school of grey reef sharks swim passed us…TWICE! There were 15 of them and thankfully the divers were ready for the procession when it came around the second time. After the third dive it was time to pick up the anchor and head off to Wakaya Island, the home of our Manta populations. As we left straight away we arrived at about the time we were all getting ready to lay down for the night. Our first and second dives were to be Lion’s Den where we had the most sightings the previous time we were at Wakaya. This time as well everyone came back very happy after seeing multiple Manta Rays! For the third dive we had a sighting of a hammerhead in the deep as she swam passed. Many of us estimated she was around 3m! For the night dive we found tons of small critters from crinoid squat lobsters to a moray eel out and about. Mostly we had creepy crawlies on the dive though.

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