Sharks, Eagle Rays, Turtles and Stunning Reefs

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Sharks, Eagle Rays, Turtles and Stunning Reefs

diver and reef don ngaiTubbataha season is here! Joining us aboard the Philippine Siren for this first trip of the season were our 12 guests from around the world. After a little introduction from my side about the boat and welcome by our superb crew everyone settled in for a good night’s sleep and the long crossing to Tubbataha. The crossing took a little longer than expected due to adverse winds but the following day everyone was ready to start their liveaboard diving adventure which would take us from the North Atoll to South Atoll and on to Jessie Beazley reef before returning to Puerto Princesa.

hammerhead agnes and stephanie Starting off our 5 days of diving at Donato’s Wall, the marine life seen was just as to be expected in this stunning off shore location; schools of barracuda, sweetlips, snappers and batfish, numerous eagle rays, hawksbill and green turtles, marble rays and sharks, sharks and sharks! Commonly sighted on each dive were white tips & grey reef sharks whilst black tips, nurse sharks… and even a big hammerhead all made an appearance – Our hammerhead sighting being the last dive of the trip was of course voted the best dive overall by the guests!

HIIA-AND-DON-RECEIVENG-THE-CONTEST-PRIZEOther highlights were dives at Shark Airport, Amos Rock, Black Rock and Lobster Lair – where we unsuprisingly found many lobsters. During our cruise back to Puerto Princesa we held a video & photo contest with Hiia and Don Ngai as the winners – each receiving their Philippine Siren T-Shirt!



GROUP PIC PH-TU-05-13During the trip our guests also visited the ranger station and welcomed the coast guard aboard for dinner! Sunset beers and massages on the sundeck add to the fabulous memories made and even better…..we were the only liveaboard in the area and able dive completely alone in this wonderful place. We are really lucky! Thank you for joining us aboard. We hope to see you again soon,Eva and the Philippine Siren crew.


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