Some serious dives!

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Some serious dives!

The Philippine Siren Liveaboard welcomed on board a group of enthusiastic divers from all over the world. All ready to have a great week with us diving the Philippines!
At night the captain started the engine and we left for the gorgeous island Cabilao, where we arrived at sunset. The world class dive sites around Cabilao lived up to their reputation. We found denise pygmy seahorses in an enormous Gorgonian and were awed by all the corals on the walls. A funny mixture of banana nudi’s and orangutan crabs made for more great dives. After a splendid night dive we moved over to Balicasag Island.


The next day, we dove Balicasag Island. With dive sites named Divers Heaven and Sanctuary one can expect some jaw dropping sights. And Balicasag delivered. At Divers Heaven we bumped into many green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles and during the other dives we saw a big school of jacks, giant frogfishes, a blue ringed octopus and we had some close encounters with a nesting yellow margin triggerfish with anger management issues. We all survived.

Hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata in the Philippines 2

Next on our schedule were the Whale Sharks in Oslob. Approximately 10 of them swam around the area and our guests had some real close looks at the gentle giants!! After the Whale Sharks we drove the boat over to Dauin for some serious muck diving.
The black sand at Dauin houses some illustrious creatures. Amongst many other lovely critters we found thorny seahorses, sea moths, flamboyant cuttlefish, ornate ghost pipefish, a spiny lobster and a cockatoo waspfish. At night we dived an unbelievable dive at the dive site San Miguel; bobtail cuttlefish, tropical bottletail cuttlefish, juvenile flatheads, many different octopuses and shortpouch pygmy pipehorses were seen. The guests and the dive team couldn’t stop talking about this amazing dive.

whale sharks 3

Apo Island was on the menu for the next day. The reef sanctuary with some of the Philippines’ most astonishing coral walls, slopes and shallow plateaus ended high in the top-10 dives ever with some of the guests. Besides the amazing healthy reef formations we saw many schools of reef fish, jacks and many banded sea snakes. After three dives at Apo we headed back to Dauin for a night dive at Secret Corner.

barracuda school

We continued our journey doing more muck diving in Dauin. We spend some wonderful hours under water at the dive sites Atmosphere House Reef, Pyramids, Ceres and San Miguel again for the night dive. Pick your favorite from our list of the day: Leaffish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Velvet Ghost Pipefish, Robust Ghost Pipefish, Candy Crab, Frogfishes, Longhorn Cowfish, Reptilian Snake Eel and Flamboyant Cuttlefishes.

Robust pair

We started our last day of diving of in the beautiful waters around picturesque Pescador Island. This island has dramatic steep walls that are covered in soft and hard corals. The combination of thousands of small reef fish and the explosion of colors of the corals make this dive site a true celebration of life. To top things of we found giant frog fishes hanging up-side-down on the tube sponges, one of them accompanied by a marvelous master of disguise, a bearded scorpion fish. After Pescador island we literally set sail and took the guest around in a dinghy for some nice shots of the Philippines Siren with her sails up.

soft and hard corals

The last dive of this week’s trip was with the famous school of Sardines in front of the coast of Moalboal. At the dive site Panagsama Beach, an enormous amount of Sardines roam the coastline. Dancing in the swell and continuously changing shape, the school of Sardines put on a real show for our divers.

school of Sardines

At night our chefs light up the barbecue and prepared a great goodbye-and-hope-to-see-you-back-soon dinner. All looked back on a great adventure with the Philippine Siren.

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