Philippines Dive Adventures

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Philippines Dive Adventures

Philippines 03Our next trip around the Southern Visayas was to be enjoyed by a new group of Australian divers, from the Ocean Trek Dive Club in New South Wales. Once arrived to Cebu’s Yacht Club they promptly boarded the Philippine Siren and after a brief presentation of the boat’s crew and an overview of the boat they went on to set up their dive gear and prepare their cameras for the next day of diving as we cruised towards Cabilao Island. In the evening on behalf of Siren Fleet we had the pleasure of rewarding Mic, Lyn and Steve with a Siren Fleet gift and letter from the company owners Frank and Mark for their loyalty and returning to one of Siren’s liveaboard yachts.

PHilippines 04We felt mild the side effects of the Rumbia typhoon further north in Manila but enjoyed a fair day of diving at Cabilao and though the visibility was not as good as usual that did not prevent us from spotting our usual frogfishes and pygmy seahorses at the Lighthouse. After a full day of diving we calmly sailed after our night dive to Balicasag Island. Flat seas and clear skies were our companions during our next dives. Turtles, warty frogfish, jacks, barracudas and plenty of the resident marine life in the area delighted our divers and photographers; the steep walls with soft corals and sea fans providing a stunning backdrop.

whaleshark-tubbatahaNext day would be one full of activities. We started the day snorkelling with whale sharks in the Sumilon area before swiftly departing towards Dauin for our first muck dive of the day. Once out of the water we headed towards Apo Island in order to meet and give our support to Atmosphere Resort’s swimmers who were taking part in the Finathon; A fund raising event organised by Padi Project Aware to raise awareness on the need to stop shark finning. A great effort was made by the swimmers who swam between Dauin to Apo over 7 hours. Two of our guests, Tori and Fiona, joined the swim for a few hundred meters. Well Done! We then returned to Dauin for our afternoon and night dives where seahorses and a painted frogfish were spotted along with many other critters.

Philippines 02Apo Island is where we woke up next morning for a fast drift dive at Coconut Point which we opted to repeat later on in the day as our divers enjoyed it so much! As usual in our itinerary they had a chance to disembark on the Island and enjoy a quiet walk through the village up to the Marine Sanctuary. We completed the day with the crew raising Philippine Siren’s sails. Captain Russel safely brought us to our last destination of the trip; Moalboal and Pescador Island. At Tongo Point we were to see our resident leaf scorpion fish plus a new finding, a beautiful grey and red warty frogfish. Our grand finale was the sardine ball in Pescador Island which never disappoints our divers with their choreographed movements. The final dinner was presented as usual by Chef Jimmy and in this occasion it included an Australian flag cake in honour of our guests. The next morning we were to say goodbye to our divers who we knew would be in the capable of hands of Palau Siren’s crew during the next week trip – having opted to make a combination cruise over two of Siren Fleet’s destinations. Best wishes for the next days – more fun diving awaits as we eagerly await the next group from Australia and more Siren Fleet repeat guests from the St.George Underwater Club.

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