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Diving in Tubbataha is breathtaking!

The Philippine Siren welcomed on board a new group of very excited divers ready for their next liveaboard holidays in Tubbataha! Many of them were repeater guests and they felt at home very quickly!
The check dive was done at Malayan Wreck where guests got a good feel of how healthy the coral life is in the whole Tubbataha reefs. Grey reef, Whitetip reef sharks abound, spiny lobsters, the curious dogtooth tuna, the usual school of reef fish sitting in the current and the hawksbill turtle that seemed unaware of all the cameras surrounding it. Second dive was still on the same site but from the other end of the divesite. The highlight of this dive would be the school of oceanic triggerfish, the skittish longnose hawkfish, the shy fire dartfish and the intelligent reef octopus. At Gorgonian Wall., it’s always worth taking a look at these massive gorgonian sea fans and its smaller cousins for pygmy seahorses. And voila! A pink Denise pygmy seahorse was spotted which made the dive extra special. In addition to this, the massive pineapple sea cucumber also starred in this dive.

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