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Philippines underwater life from a different angle

The Philippine Siren was ready for a very special liveaboard dive trip in the Southern Visayas!  A 10-days snorkeling organised by Lee Goldman, marine biologist and writer of the books: ‘Snorkeler’s Guide to Marine Life of the Philippines’ and ‘Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle’. Joel Simon and his organisation ‘Sea for yourself’ brought along some more happy snorkelers and we had the boat filled. We were super exited to get into the water with them and maybe pick up some more shallow water knowledge and appreciate the beautiful Philippines underwater life from a different angle. 

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Grey reef sharks gracefully negotiating their way amongst what must have literally been a smorgasbord for them

The Fiji Siren crew was very happy to welcome back ‘photo pro’ Mr Douglas Hoffman who was on-board conducting another underwater photography workshop throughout the cruise as well as a bunch of repeat guests!  To start our subsurface proceedings it was a quick hop over to our neighboring island, Nananu-I-Ra, where we got straight into the swing of things with a nice easy shake-down dive at Amazing Maze among myriads of swim-through adorned with beautiful gorgonian sea fans and of course no dive in Fiji would ever be complete without thousands upon thousands of colourful anthias.

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Christmas is more fun in the Philippine Siren

The Philippine Siren crew welcomed on board a new group of 16 guests all ready to enjoy a liveaboard dive trip in the Southern Visayas during Christmas time! 
The first diving day started with a check dive at Talisay Tree, Cabilao, and what a nice start of the trip it was! The very pretty wall with lots of soft and hard corals amazed the guests. Purple anthias, different kinds of damsels and fusiliers were colouring the scenery, while we were finding many types of nudibranchs. We also found a ringed pipefish carrying eggs, which was very special. 

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