The Fiji Siren is back to action!

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The Fiji Siren  is happy to be back to action again!  We started our journey by moving down south to the island of Wakaya where we would have the very light currents and shallow reef top to get back into the swing of diving once again. Like always once everyone was comfortable and had all their weighting sorted out we continued on with our diving. Being the first time that we had been out to any of these sites since what happened, it was like going on a discovery mission albeit with knowing the path.


This trip was characterized the number of manta rays we had swimming around feeding. Every dive we had them playing on the surface in groups of four to six!

manta in fiji

We had a clear run down to Gau Island and had our first dive through the Nigali Passage. I was happy to get reports back saying that everything was right with the passage. Everything we said was going to be there was in the exact spot we said it would be, from Bill the Grouper to the three different schools of Barracuda and even the school of black snapper and school of big-eye trevally. I nearly forgot, we also had multitudes of grey reef sharks! They came out and sauntered around in fine form.  We managed to get a second dive through the passage to see these creatures in their environment. For the afternoon we moved the Fiji Siren north to Anthias Avenue and Jims Alley where after dive three we would be doing a night dive.

dive with school of fish

Next day, we dove the Bligh Waters where we did 2 dives at some nice shallow coral heads with plenty of soft coral colours and hundreds of small tropical fish, the kind Fiji is known for!  Then we moved onwards into the Vatu Passage and some more diving. We decided on some old favourites for the day! To start we had Mellow Yellow and Black Magic. We were all over awed by the golden yellow corals and  an ornate ghost pipe fish and then 2 during the night dive!  We had a pluerobranch and many other critters climbing over the coral head.

coral in fiji

We decided on staying overnight at Mellow Yellow on anchor and chose a dive site close by to start off the day for the following morning. We chose E-6 to check on this ginormous coral chimney extending up from 1000m and then continuing the journey west to Mount Mutiny. At Mount we had a big patch of rainbow coloured soft coral to entertain us and even a very quick silver tip shark that graced our guests! Following along after this silver tip there just happened to be three very large dogtooth tuna that in actual fact were bigger than the poor little silver tip! For the night, we moved to a section of the Vatu known as Midway. We would be spending our last day diving out at this reef. As a small treat we placed three dives onto the schedule instead of our usual two.

shark fiji 2

In the morning we dropped into a site known as Chile which had amazing soft corals and many small nudibranchs. There was even a pregnant shrimp spotted hanging in some whip corals. This was followed by a site we named the “Real Heartbreak Ridge” as due to a few reason every time we tried to dive this site we had to change to another. We eventually got to get this one in to show everyone which did not disappoint. After the last dive to Wheatfield we heaved anchor and started our slow journey back towards home.


I can definitely say this was a spectacular group of people and I will for sure be making it across for one of the weekends BBQ’s in Bangkok with the dive shop Dive Potato! Vinaka Vakelevu to everyone and a big welcome back to Fiji Siren now we are back on the water.

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